Settings Trends and Standards: This is the J’adore Les Fleurs Way

    It’s no secret that most industries have experienced a massive change from the rapid rise of the internet; the floral industry is no different. By having access to any information you could think of from the convenience of your phone, customers have become more demanding and knowledgeable. However, the most significant change has come from customer shopping trends. The 2000s have seen online shopping take precedence over brick-and-mortar, a difference that has never been experienced in history due to the worldwide adoption of the internet and social media. These influential consumer habits have acted like pivot points in consumer behavior that come with drastic changes in every industry. Specifically, the floral industry has seen the closure of numerous floral shops, with some floral shops even cutting employees to cut costs. 

    A rapid change in any industry can be scary. However, rapid innovation and new ways for companies to compete in the marketplace have come with it. Enter the Branding era; branding has been around for decades, but in the early 2000s, companies finally understood the massive upside of having good branding for your business and how powerful it was to have your customers recognize your brand. The floral industry was no different. 

    Floral shops started to look for ways to stand out in the marketplace, and this is when we saw floral shops paying more attention to containers/vases. Branded vases and containers started to pop up left and right. Moreover, flower buying became more of a lifestyle and an experience, and as an early adopter of branded vases, J’adore Les Fleurs was genuinely able to pioneer within their industry without reinventing the wheel. Read on to learn how J’adore Les Fleurs continues to create trends and set standards in unreplicable fashion and elegance. 

    Creating Trends & Setting Standards 

    Since its establishment in 2015, J’adore Les Fleurs (JLF) has been at the forefront of innovation in the floral industry due to its wildly successful twist on roses in a box. J’adore Les Fleurs was the first to develop the hat-box flower arrangement concept in the U.S., and since then, we have seen this idea get mimicked and replicated in flower boutiques and shops worldwide, nonetheless J’adore Les Fleurs continues to lead the way in curating blossoming masterpieces that will linger in one’s memories for times to come.

    If you have ever stepped foot into a floral shop anywhere, you might remember seeing messy workspaces or dull waiting areas. Floral shops are a dirty business, and they don’t particularly come to mind when you think of luxury experiences, but here’s how the team at JLF changed that. The edge that the team at JLF has picked up stems from their innovative business practices; they were the first floral shop to set up clean, well-designed shops. These simple changes turned the whole experience into a Luxury Lifestyle experience. Initially, flower buying felt like an errand, especially if you ever found yourself waiting for your bouquets to be ready for pick up, and they were making last-minute adjustments. J’adore Les Fleurs changed the game and made it elegant and clean, showing the innovative acumen of the company and its leaders.  

    From the moment you walk into a J’adore Les Fleurs workspace, you’ll be greeted with a clean, beautiful area to sit and wait for the arrangements to be made without witnessing the creative mess. So far, they have four brick-and-mortar stores with classy interiors and exterior designs that are so Instagram worthy! Customers can expect a first-class experience while waiting for their floral arrangements in a room fitted with big chandeliers, luxurious sofas, coffee tables, and fresh-cut flowers to set the ambience. Now that’s how you set standards in a competitive industry. 

    The JLF Difference Defined 

    J’adore Les Fleurs is hands down, the number one flower company for same-day delivery in Los Angeles. Co-Founders Alisa Tovmanyan and Eliza Glants do an incredible job at continuing to evolve at the same speed their marketplace does. Thanks to the amazing team that makes their mission possible, they have been on top of this industry since they began.

    The company has since put a massive effort towards their online shop where they take orders directly from clients and make it possible for customers to reach their company and connect rather than just driving to their physical locations. Their process has been configured from the inside out. The company has trained designers specializing in creating the products that clients see on their website. What’s more, they do quality control and check every arrangement after it’s made. When it comes to J’adore Les Fleurs, three things remain certain for every floral bouquet. They have unmatched standards for quality, you can rest assured it is the freshest batch of flowers money can purchase, and the company actually cares about their community. 

    Freshness Guaranteed- Jlf works directly with their farmers, essentially eliminating the third-party suppliers so that they get to deliver freshly cut flowers straight from the source. 

    Quality Matters- For every Floral bouquet JLF produces, they have a florist who takes photos of each arrangement. Next, their quality control team immediately looks at the original bouquet standard photo and the finished arrangement, compares them, gives feedback, and rates the arrangement. If a customer disapproves of a product, the company works promptly to address their feedback and deliver based on a client’s feedback. 

    Taking Care of Their Community

    At JLF, we firmly believe that the community is a whole, and to be a valuable member of the community, regardless of whether you are an individual or a business, you need to give back. The community stays loyal to you only when it sees that you care about it, you contribute to it, and you are more than just a “money-making machine.” – Eliza Giants when prompted on how J’adore Les Fleurs plans to continue to connect with their community. 

    When it comes to giving back to their community, it’s safe to say that JLF is constantly thinking about different ways they can strengthen their bond with the community. We’ve seen JLF contribute to various community fundraisings or donate to local charities and schools in the past. No other florists in their area have been able to successfully be an active part of their community the way they have, a true stand outperformance. 

    This unheard-of level of commitment to their local community accurately reflects the efforts made by the entire team that makes every JLF location possible. So the next time you’re searching for the best hat box floral bouquet in Los Angeles, remember your friends at J’adore Les Fleurs.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

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