4 Ways to Save on Window Blinds

    Studies show that new home buyers spend more on home furnishings than on appliances. During the first year, new homeowners spend almost $4000 on decorating their homes — 70 % more than old homeowners.

    But there are ways to minimize costs without compromising the quality and overall look of the home. Window treatments can add a beautiful effect to the interior design while providing an essential function. There are affordable blinds that can protect and beautify any room in the house.

    To ensure that you get the best bang for your buck, here are some ways to save on window blinds.

    • List Down Your Requirements

    There are four vital features for every window treatment. These include privacy, light-filtering, insulation, and style. While it would be ideal for getting all functions in your blinds, it may turn out to be costly. Before making a purchase, list down the needs of each room and arrange them according to priority.

    For example, a bedroom will need more privacy and light filtering features so you can focus more on that. On the other hand, a living room will require a more stylish set of blinds so you can spend a bit more on those. 

    Utility rooms and bathrooms can live with less expensive and fashionable blinds as long as they are water-resistant and fire -retardant, even the simplest and least expensive ones will be perfect.

    • Compare Your Options

    Not all of them have excellent quality, but there are affordable blinds that can be suitable. Compare not only the price but the variety, durability, and design as well. Research about the blind company’s customer service and quality of work.  

    Also, check out new design trends and window treatment innovations. See which among your options can provide the most innovative and creative opportunities that are fit for your budget and needs. It is perfectly fine to shop around first and ask questions. You do not want to miss out on something that would be the best option for your home.

    • Maximize Free Services

    The key to a perfectly-installed window blinds is getting the exact measurement. Having it measured by a professional will ensure that there is no room for errors. It will be expensive to hire a professional to do it for you. So, choose a company that offers free home consultations. 

    These consultations will also give you the chance to discuss design options, light filtration, and ventilation processes. By having everything planned carefully, you will save time and money. You will avoid replacing the blinds after only a short period.

    • Check for Hidden Charges

    Avoid paying for more than you intend to in the first place by carefully studying if there are hidden costs. Check out all the accessories like cleats, valances, or cord options you may need for the installation. Incorporate them in the total cost before deciding. Ask the blinds company if you need to pay for anything else aside from the published price.

    Also, make sure that they have warranties, money-back guarantees, or free after-sales service. They need to assure you that whatever happens to your blinds after the installation, they will be able to help you.

    Blinds provide not only protection for your home, but it adds to its overall look as well.  With these tips, you can buy the best blinds for your home without breaking the bank.


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