Ways to Identify Your True Target Audience

    3 New Business Trends To Push Your Marketing Efforts Forward

    Although most online marketers claim they know exactly how to reach the right people (i.e., potential clients), in reality, some of them are sometimes struggling to do that. The world of e-commerce is in constant change, and as a result, marketers and business owners have to be flexible and proactive all the time. However, when it comes to how to identify your target audience, there are a few things that had proven to work overtime, and in this article, we’ll discuss some of them. So, let’s dive in!         

    #1 Defining the ideal customer

    In order to find your true target audience, it’s best to start small and think first about your ideal customer. Do you know how does he/she look like? More often than not, the answer is “no.” Defining the sort of persona that your business is targeting consists of a few important factors to consider. Demographics (age, gender, income, or location), online forums and groups where the ideal customer spends most of his/her time on, and last but not least, some of his/her most significant problems that could be solved with one of your products or services.  

    #2 Using social media

    One of the most common ways to identify the right target audience is by analyzing different hashtags on social media platforms. By picking up trending discussions, debates, or new developments, you have the opportunity of becoming part of the conversation. When you figure out where the bulk of your audience spends time on social media, you can then focus your marketing efforts on those places. Whether it’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, or newer platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest (obviously it depends on your niche, for example, in the fashion niche, you’re more likely to find your audience on Instagram), your job will be to find the right people in the right places and ultimately attract new targeted leads.  

    #3 Asking the right questions

    Strangely, some marketers and online business owners feel ashamed or fearful when it comes to questioning their customers (and potential customers). They tend to think that people have no time to chat, and in a way, they’re just buying machines that make purchases all day long. We all know the reality is completely different, and customers can definitely share unique insights about your business.      

    By asking them questions about their impression on your services/products, you can find plenty of valuable things about what you’re doing right or wrong. In addition, you’ll understand better some of the characteristics of your audience and then be able to target people with the same tastes.        

    Design a marketing process (or funnel) that can give you constant feedback from your customers, since that will enable you to spot your weak points and make improvements before your customers start to buy from other competitors. 

    Final Words 

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