Short Term Loans Defined

    Loans come in handy when you have an urgent payment or resource to buy but don’t have the liquidity to spend on it. Quick or short-term loans are usually small. The typical maximum loan amount is not very large depending on the bank. The loan can thus be used ideally to make short-term investments and purchases. This can be, for example, the purchase of a new smartphone, PC or desk. A short-term loan can of course also be used optimally if the hotel booking or the flight has to be paid for the next vacation. In principle, a short-term loan can always be used if a smaller amount of money is required, but the current financial means are not available.

    Following are some common queries regarding short-term loans:

    1. What is a Short-term Loan and What Can it Be Used For?

    It is a loan that can be drawn on at short notice, usually within a few hours. Fast short-term loans differ from bank to bank. There are therefore loans with shorter terms of 15 or 30 days. However, there are also short-term loans where no maximum term is set, but there is a minimum monthly installment payment. This can, for example, be a percentage of the loan amount or a minimum amount of the loan amount be. For example, the percentage can be 5%. The APR is usually higher for a short-term loan than for other types of loans. Typically this is around 15% or more. The bank or credit institution thus protects itself.

    2. What Are the Benefits of a Short-term Loan?

    A short-term loan is particularly advantageous because it is available instantly. The application process is usually quick and easy. After a check by the bank or credit institution, the loan amount is now transferred to the desired account within a few hours or minutes and can be used immediately. This also has advantages in situations such as the loss of a bank card or credit card. Whoever loses it on vacation, for example, and now quickly loses money can apply for a short-term loan and thus obtain funds. There are also advantages, since applying for a short-term loan is easier than with a classic loan. This is mainly because, due to the lower loan amount, fewer credit ratings have to be shown.

    Although a query is carried out, the requirements for this are not as strict as for a query that is carried out with a classic loan.

    This results in the next advantage: The short-term loan is also perfect for people who can only have a low income. This includes, for example, students with a part-time job. There are also many different types of short-term loans that can be used for a variety of purposes. The variety of loans is another important advantage.

    3. What Are the Requirements for a Short-term Loan?

    As with other types of loans, short-term loans also have certain requirements that must be met to receive the loan. The basic requirements include the minimum age of 18, which must be observed. As a rule, people who are still minors do not receive a short-term loan. However, some banks or credit institutions make an exception in special circumstances. Also, all people wishing to apply for a short-term loan must generally be residents of the country where they have applied for the loan. It must also be your primary residence. A bank account must also be available. This is used as a reference account to which the loan amount is transferred and from which the loan is repaid.

    Many banks and credit institutions also request citizenship. By far the most important prerequisite for a short-term loan is the inquiry, which is carried out for most types of loans.

    In the course of the inquiry, the creditworthiness of the respective application is checked. In this way, the income and the expenditure in the applicant’s bank accounts are checked. If the expenditure exceeds the income, most banks or credit institutions generally do not grant a short-term loan. It is also checked whether other types of loans or debts already exist which also restrict the creditworthiness. A short-term loan is therefore always issued when the bank or the credit institution has sufficient collateral to guarantee payment of the installments.

    4. How Can You Apply for a Short-term Loan?

    The short-term loan can be applied for both offline and online. It is, therefore, possible to apply for the loan in person at a bank branch. All important documents such as a valid passport and proof of regular income must be carried. However, the application process is usually easier and faster online. First, a loan amount and the appropriate term are selected. Then most banks and credit institutions automatically calculate the fees and interest that are due. Now all personal data are entered.

    In addition to the address and the current occupation, the monthly income is also considered. After the registration is complete, identification is usually carried out, which can usually be carried out using the video identification process. A valid identity card or passport should be available. Most banks and credit institutions complete the identification within a few minutes.

    5. What Should be Considered?

    Before applying, it is worth using a credit calculator to compare all offers at the desired term and loan amount. A comprehensive overview can be obtained here. It is also recommended to check all other costs in addition to the interest. So there are some types of loans that appear cheap at first glance, but for which costs are due in the form of additional fees.

    Finally, you should pay attention to the term. In any case, a term should be selected in which the loan amount can be repaid without any problems. Therefore, the following applies: Do not select a term that is too short and unrealistic.

    6. Short-term Bank Loans

    In many cases, the financing for the supplies is not enough due to many factors, and the company goes to financial institutions to request a short-term loan to cover the shortfall. On other occasions, you use bank loans, because they are cheaper than commercial credit. However, they usually bear a higher interest rate than longer-term loans. Though the guarantees required by financial institutions for short-term loans usually coincide with those mentioned in the case of long-term loans.


    Short terms loans are helpful for several things like buying an electrical appliance or giving the initial down payment of a car but you must be realistic about your ability to make the payments on time. Otherwise, defaulting on the payment terms can easily land you in bad credit. Thereby, affecting your ability to acquire loans in the future.


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