4 Types of Subscription Boxes You Didn’t Know You Could Get

    There’s a subscription box for almost anything, including fitness, food, pets, and beauty. If you’re not familiar with them, they’ll arrive on your doorstep every month with samples and goodies that cater to nearly every market and taste. While you might know the theme of the box, the contents are often a surprise, which is what makes them such a fun gift option. They’re also perfect for treating yourself. And most options let you cancel at any time. 

    Cannabis Subscription Boxes 

    In some parts of the United States, medical marijuana is legal for a handful of health conditions. So, if you or someone you know someone who has their medical marijuana card, consider a weed subscription box. As a medical marijuana patient, you have the option of receiving goodies with THC in them, the psychoactive component of cannabis. Of course, many cannabis boxes also have other items that marijuana connoisseurs will enjoy. They usually have the things you need, like smoking papers and pipes. Others come with CBD or THC edibles. One of the advantages of these subscriptions is that they often let you get a wider range of items than you could purchase yourself, whether that’s rolling papers, hemp wicks, or filter tips.  There are plenty of resources online if you’re new to taking part in this now-legal activity.

    Pet Subscription Boxes

    If you’re looking for a way to pamper your pet or a friend’s, then consider a pet subscription. Most of them are for cats or dogs, but if you look hard enough, you can often find ones for bunnies, horses, gerbils, and other pets. Many come with toys or treats for your furry friend, and you can usually customize the shipping options. Some have themed items. For cats, you might receive catnip and other fun toys. For dogs, you might get a box with chewing toys. No matter what kind you pick, they make it easy to spoil your furry friends.

    Themed Food Boxes

    These are usually customizable, but they may come with a few surprises as well. Have a sweet tooth? Consider a monthly delivery of candy. There are ones for those following vegan, gluten-free, or other diets. If you’ve been wanting to change your eating habits, treating yourself to one of these might be the motivation you need to make better choices about your food.

    Date Night Subscriptions 

    If you don’t get enough quality time with your significant other or you’re putting off spending a special day together, a date night box might be just the motivation you need. You’ll get everything you need to have a romantic evening at home. For example, you might receive a list of suggested meals, including main dishes and desserts. You could make this together or have it made ahead of time if you don’t enjoy cooking. A lot of these date night kits also come with suggestions on how to spend your evening using the items. For example, it might have supplies to make a craft or come with a special snack. Others might come with a game for two.


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