4 Tips for Choosing the Right Electrician for Your Electrical Service Business

    Let me guess, I bet you started a search online for four tips to start a business as an electrician. There you are… sitting at your computer screen with a can of Monster Energy drink and a batch of blue chips from Taco Bell. Your cat has clawed your couch to shreds because he’s bored, and you’re now considering searching for four tips to start a business as an undertaker so that you’ll have similar job opportunities.

    Starting a business as an Electrician isn’t easy, but it is possible. Here are four tips to help you get started on the right foot.

    Recruit the right people 

    In Australia alone, there are thousands of electricians that work for various building contractors and other companies. The importance of employing a lead electrical technician is not usually given much attention because most individuals do not know how to differentiate one from another. Besides this, the large number of electricians out there has created so much competition in this field that companies are usually reluctant to engage in electrical works unless a qualified person does them.  Try to recommend your customers get quality products. For example, buy HPM Ceiling Fan at Mitre 10 if you have got the job of installing fans. 

    Choose the right recruitment agency 

    The employment market is competitive, and as a business owner, you want to avail exceptional employees for your company. Hiring the best person in the market is a tough task for any company. There are so many candidates in the employment market that it becomes hard to find the right talent. Use the best recruitment agency to ensure that you go about hiring the right person for your company.

    Lead apprentices 

    The lead apprentice electrician is responsible for taking over some of the duties of the supervisor and master electricians. The lead apprentice has to make sure the work done by the other apprentices is up to code, inspects their work closely, and makes sure that everything is being done right. Lead apprentices will also have to keep record books on all jobs that they supervise.

    This job may entail giving technical advice to the foremen and foremen’s assistants, completing their work and progress reports, and attending labor meetings with the directors of general services to be able to draw up an employee work schedule. He also carries out administrative procedures for management, such as equipment rental fees, payroll, and record-keeping for materials.


    The legal requirements to be a lead electrician in the state of California for commercial or residential electrical installation and maintenance work are the following: the applicant must be at least 18 years old, have some secondary education, receive a Certificate of Electrician Training and pass an examination administered by the State Contractors’ Board. Other requirements include keeping insurance and registration certificates current with no administrative issues in the last five years, show a valid driver’s license or state ID and not having any criminal convictions in the last ten years, or being affiliated with organized crime.


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