Club Commandments: 10 Unspoken Rules For Partying


    Millennials love to party…

    Whether it’s a boozy brunch, a summer time music festival, low key bar or the opening of the hottest club in the city- you can bet Gen- Y will be there to get the shenanigans started.

    Getting crazy is awesome, but everyone needs to understand what is and isn’t acceptable when getting down with your bad self.

    These aren’t rules or guidelines for partying. These are non-negotiables.

    Read them. Learn them. Live them.

    The 10 Club Commandments

    1. Thou Shall Not Get Wasted Before You Enter

    Don’t try to walk into a place blasted out of your face. No good is going to come of that and you probably won’t even make it through the front door. Pre-gaming is cool. Just don’t let it get out of control.

    2. Thou Shall Not Accept A Drink From A Stranger

    This goes for everyone. Unless you see the drink made or opened, do not ever accept it. We live in a scary world today and there are a lot of people who can not be trusted. If you want to keep the party going and remain save, be aware of what you’re putting in your body and think before you drink.

    3.Thou Shall Help Those Who Can Not Help Themselves

    Don’t let someone who is too drunk sit in the corner and and waste away because it’s not “your problem”. If you were in bad shape and lost everyone you had gone out with, you would hope someone would be nice enough to help you out. You don’t have to drive them home, but bring them to someone who can help them whether it be a manager, security or police officer. Being a caring person can go a long way and could save a person’s life.

    4. Thou Shall Not Remove Articles Of Clothing

    No matter how hot it is in the club, who just walked in, what song is playing or who bought a round of shots, do NOT remove your clothing. It’s called a Dress-Code for a reason. Also- this goes go shoes. It doesn’t matter how much they hurt, either bring a spare pair or deal with it. The floors of public places are disgusting and you’re going to get someone’s broken glass in your foot. Oh, and it’s super trashy.

    5. Thou Shall Not Separate From Friends

    Whether your a guy or a girl- it doesn’t matter. Use the buddy system. It may sound a little juvenile but if sh*t goes down, it’s always good to have someone on your side.  Maybe guys don’t have to go to the bathroom in pairs, but women always should. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable. Avoid losing members of your squad, you don’t want them ending up on a roof somewhere.

    6. Thou Shall Respect the Location Being Visited

    In other words, don’t break things, don’t piss on the floor and don’t vomit all over the bar. Keep yourself in check and respect the places you visit as if they were your own home. Nothing will end your night faster than you being a complete assh*le.

    7. Thou Shall Not Have Sex On The Dance Floor

    Keep it classy people. No one wants to see your goodies. If you leave it all in the club there’s going to be nothing left to the imagination. Look, you don’t people staring and people don’t want to stare trying to figure out if you’re actually making a baby while the DJ is blasting The Weekend. Pull your dress down and your shirt up. What would your mother say?

    8. Thou Shall Not Let Your Friends Wear Beer Goggles

    If you know your friend is about to make a terrible mistake, don’t let them just so you can laugh tomorrow. That person is a creep,  but your drunk friend thinks they’re awesome, wake a b*tch up and pull the friend card. They’ll thank you in the morning.

    9. Thou Shall Not Be The “Debbie Downer” Of The Group

    Just because you’re not bar hotties doesn’t mean you get to ruin everyone else’s night. Let your friends have fun. Don’t make everything about yourself because your ex just texted you or chick you want won’t give you the time of day.

    10. Thou Shall Not Be An Assh*le

    Really, don’t start fights, call people b*tches because they denied your lame pick up line or run up a bill you can’t pay for. Everyone is looking to have a good time. Bailing your ass out of jail or breaking up a fight isn’t what they had in mind. No barking at bar tenders, no pushing or screaming. Control yourself or stay at home.


    The Party Gods Have Spoken…




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