4 Must-Visit Camping Spots in Missouri for Truck Owners

    Missouri hosts over 3,600 campsites in its state parks alone and witnesses a large influx of campers each year. Moreover, Missouri’s central location in the heartland of America makes it an accessible camping destination for people from various states.


    The trucking industry is an integral part of Missouri’s economy, with over 70% of the state’s freight being transported by trucks. As such, Missouri is home to a robust community of truckers, who, like anyone else, cherish their leisure time. 


    The idea of meshing the robustness of trucking with the tranquility of camping is incredibly feasible, given the versatility of trucks. 


    In this guide, we venture into the heart of Missouri to explore four notable camping spots that not only welcome truckers but also provide a host of amenities and experiences that make camping an unforgettable adventure. 

    Some Safety Guidelines First 

    Embarking on a camping adventure with your truck is thrilling, yet it necessitates a keen focus on safety. Trucks are big vehicles, and you want to be prepared for common on-road risks such as collisions and mishaps.


    Last year, Missouri witnessed over 3,100 semi-truck accidents, which led to nearly 117,000 individuals suffering injuries. ​There were also 119 fatalities due to these collisions. 


    We don’t intend to alarm you; rather, instead, we aim to emphasize the importance of taking road safety seriously. In this context, having reliable truck insurance is the cornerstone of ensuring your safety and financial protection. According to TorHoerman Law, truck accidents tend to be more serious and deadly because of the size and power of trucks. 


    If an accident occurs, it can be quite serious. Even if you aren’t at fault, you want to be prepared and have a good lawyer on your side. 


    If you are a resident of the state, you probably know that it’s relatively easy to find a good truck accident attorney in St. Louis. It is one of the biggest cities in Missouri and has a reputation for having experienced lawyers. 


    For those from out of state, look into a reputable law firm in your hometown that has your back. With that out of the way, let’s look at some of the best camping spots that await you.

    1. Roaring River State Park

    Nestled in the heart of the Ozark Hills, Roaring River State Park is a camper’s paradise. Its spacious camping spots are a boon for truck owners, providing ample room to set up a cozy camp. 


    The park is renowned for its rainbow trout-stocked river, beckoning anglers from all walks of life. Besides fishing, the hiking trails, and full RV hookups add to the allure, making it a well-rounded camping destination. 


    In 2021, it was the most visited among Missouri’s 92 state parks and historic sites, drawing more than 1.9 million visitors. Each year, over 100,000 adults and children come to fish and enjoy the beauty of the daily stocked stream.

    2. Bennette Spring State Park 

    The tranquil ambiance of Bennette Spring State Park, coupled with its clear waters teeming with trout, is a great spot for fishing enthusiasts. The region was initially a wilderness, providing hunting and fishing grounds for Native Americans before settlers arrived in the mid-19th century. 


    Truck owners will appreciate the variety of tent campsites and RV sites with full hookups. The spring gushes more than 100 million gallons of clear, cool water daily, creating a thriving habitat for trout​. Bennett Spring State Park has expanded over the years, now sprawling across 3,338 acres.


    Besides angling, the park offers hiking, biking, canoeing, and a myriad of other outdoor activities, ensuring a fulfilling camping experience.

    3. Lazy Day Campground

    This family-owned and operated campground is situated 1.5 miles from I-70, providing easy access while still maintaining a peaceful natural setting away from the urban hustle​.  


    The campground is situated on a sprawling 50-acre property set on rolling hills. Campers have the choice of sunny or shady sites, all laid out on level gravel pads. Located in Danville, Lazy Day Campground is a haven for families. Its spacious camping spots are ideal for trucks, and the plethora of on-site activities keeps everyone engaged. 


    Whether it’s the swimming pool, fishing lake, or the dog park, there’s something for every visitor. The nearby wineries, state parks, and zip lines further enrich the camping adventure. 


    The rates for the campsites are quite reasonable. a full hook-up site will only set you back $45 a day. Pay weekly and that’s $245, with electric and water-only sites priced at $37 daily or $199 weekly​​.

    4. St. Louis West / Historic Route 66 KOA

    The St. Louis West/Historic Route 66 KOA (Kampgrounds of America) is a delightful campground situated conveniently near some of St. Louis’s most renowned tourist attractions, offering a blend of outdoor enjoyment and nearby urban exploration to campers.  Blending the nostalgia of Historic Route 66 with modern-day camping amenities, this KOA campground is a gem for truck owners. 


    You can pan for gems and precious stones at the Old Fox Creek Mining Company and take a swim in the heated pool. You can also enjoy hayrides with great views of the nearby Fox Creek. The campground offers a mix of natural tranquility and fun family activities. The heated swimming pool, train rides, gem mining, and outdoor movies are just a glimpse of the fun awaiting campers.


    Missouri’s camping scene is a treasure trove waiting to be explored, especially for truck owners. The highlighted camping spots offer a blend of natural beauty, adventure, and the requisite amenities for a memorable camping experience. 


    As you plan your camping adventure in Missouri, ensuring safety through proper insurance and legal preparedness is paramount. So, gear up, hit the road, and unravel the camping delights that Missouri has to offer while staying well-prepared and insured.

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