4 Healthcare Companies You Need to Know About

    Healthcare is one of the most rapid developing industries nationally speaking, even in a downtrodden economy. It is always a hot topic for debate, especially as we approach one of the scariest elections years to pass. The industry as a whole can be divided into several distinct sectors all falling under the umbrella of healthcare; including the life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical services, and healthcare equipment. Credentialed professionals active in these subdivisions grind together to provide expert medical care for individuals worldwide.

    As new cutting edge technologies develop, along with innovative techniques and procedures, all in an attempt to enhance one’s health, improve quality of life, and increase expectancy, healthcare is the vital organ pumping energy and efforts into the system. Since the healthcare market is so diverse, as countless members seek opportunities and effective programs to support the needs of the public, there is a serious demand for emerging businesses and companies to expand into the masses in order to help ‘Average Joes’ to achieve optimal attention. After all, we all want to believe there is one common goal for all enterprises; to save lives and progress with solutions to assist with daily living efficiently .

     4 Healthcare Companies You Need to Know About

    #4  98point6

    Seattle start-up company, 98point6 has solidified “the next generation of primary care”. After raising $11 million in debt financing of a larger $15 million round, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, a new way of visiting your principal physicians will be on the horizon.

    “We’re looking to revolutionize the primary care industry through data science to greatly reduce the cost of care,” CEO Robbie Cape said Wednesday. “We believe that basic health care needs to be more accessible…And when we talk about access we’re thinking about rural America having access to primary care. We’re also thinking globally about children and adults,” the statement continued.

    “The process of setting up appointments, assessments, testing or treatments from a chief care provider hasn’t evolved much over the years and that’s about to change,” Cape also insights. 98point6 wants to use the latest innovations to transform the course of action.

    #3 Progyny

    The U.S. fertility industry is estimated between $3 billion and $4 billion, with the assisted reproductive technology segment valued at up to $2.5 billion, according to market research firm Harris Williams & Co. The NYC based outlet, Progyny, offers an embryo-viability-testing system called Eeva, as an investment revenue stream in a brand new app for patients.

    As a digital healthcare platform focused on fertility, and the newest trends and advances for in vitro fertilization, has raised approximately $15 million during a fresh round of funding. The goal of Progyny, which began as an IVF information online podium, is making costly and uncertain procedures more transparent for clients and potential progressing families, founder and CEO Gina Bartasi told Crain’s.

    “What struck me was how opaque the industry was,” said Bartasi, who conceived twins of her own through IVF. “What Progyny is trying to do as a company is take care of the patients in terms of success rates, time of treatment and costs.” The average cost of a treatment cycle is $12,400, according to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, and many patients undergo more than one cycle before having a successful pregnancy, freezing not only eggs, but the requisite for more initiatives like this.

    #2 Ekso Bionics

    Ekso Bionics builds robotic exoskeletons that can help paraplegics leave their wheelchairs. All CEO Eythor Bender has to do is create a market for a product that no one knew they wanted.

    Ekso Bionics uses the power of smart exoskeleton technology machines to empower people. Their therapeutic devices can help stroke patients during rehabilitation learn to walk again and provide those with spinal cord injuries the chance to stand and walk. The mission of Ekso Bionics as a company is to strive while amplifying individual’s natural abilities and, ultimately, improve their quality of life.

    “An early-stage company that’s doing something so disruptive requires a lot of freedom of movement,” Bender explains. In its medical incarnation, the Ekso challenges makers of rehabilitation equipment and, down the line, wheelchairs.

    #1 Kd Smart Chair


    This top quality, high performance chair is being cited as, “The Smart Choice for Mobility.” Made from durable aluminum alloy, the KD Smart Chair is the most convenient, chic, and portable mobility device leading the industry. The innovative chair operates as easy as a Smart phone, and as it is lightweight and compact, can fold up in seconds fold for easy storage, transported in your car or SUV and can be used for travel. This unconventional, yet revolutionary piece of machinery allows people who live with disabilities to maintain traditional advantages with the optimal benefits that many of individuals take for granted.

    Roland Reznik, founder and Chief Executive Officer of KD Smart Chair, is a true entrepreneur working passionately and tirelessly to produce more game-changing, life-altering products and accessories for enhancing the lives of those living with disabilities currently in process.

    Roland exclaims, “Only now, with breakthrough technology, wheelchairs are taking over and helping to enrich the lives of people who suffer with these extreme daily challenges. It seems only logical to finally put these advancements to good use. Smart TV’s, smart phones, and now smart wheelchairs are the solution the healthcare industry has been waiting for!”


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