4 Beautiful (and Functional) Carport Ideas

    Carport and garage are not one and the same and there are some considerable differences between the two. Unlike garages, carports are out in the open with roof and they can but don’t have to include walls. However, although carports only protect the car from the elements, they can give a house a sophisticated and modern look.

    So, check this beautiful and functional carport ideas to find a perfect one for your property and improve the exterior design of your home, as well.


    Three-wall carports


    Walls on the carport are a matter of choice and if you decide to have them, you will be able to choose from a variety of wonderful solutions. Practically, walls offer improved protection against the weather, but they can also be aesthetically significant for the overall exterior design.

    Meshed wooden walls are perfect for one-story houses since they open up space and make everything connected. A combination of stone and wood is perfect for rustic architecture and will add elegance to the already sophisticated overall look of the house. To create a more contemporary style, leave space between the walls and use darker colors like navy blue or black.


    Under the deck


    Carport may be a perfect excuse to build a big deck where you can spend leisure time and underneath park your car. This type of carports is also ideal to add later during construction, or years after the house was finished. When it comes to exterior design, it should respect the style of the overall house and use the same materials, but not necessarily to the letter.

    Adding some features like wooden columns to the brick building, or flowers hanging from the edges will create a multi-layered design. Add a fence on the balcony and a nice seating set, and carport will fit right into the architecture giving it a stylish look.


    Pergola carport


    Pergola carport is ideal for small spaces and will fit right in with any architectural style with their modern design. You will often find this roofing carport in Sydney and other big city suburbs where contemporary architectural styles are combined with natural materials. They are perfect to mount on one wall or between the two, and even can stand on their own.

    Choose the material and color that will go well with the façade of your house, but also pay attention to form. Combined two curved pergolas one above the other to play with the design and create an asymmetrical look. These types of carports are perfect to refresh the look of your house and give it a novel appeal.


    Simple carport


    Although it looks simple, this type of carport usually consisting of columns and a roof can sport a luxurious look. Typically, carports are added to the side of the house, however building one in the front at the entrance will additionally enhance the architecture. Rustic timber is ideal for more casual homes while big natural stone blocks will look lavish and extravagant.

    However, there are less expensive solutions that may not have the same flare but are also magnificent addition to a home. Classic white wooden beams with a plumb cut or sloped roof are the archetype of colonial houses. However, if you don’t have a space for a new structure on your property, simply remove a garage door and you will create a carport underneath your home.


    Before you decide to have a carport, take a look at the architecture and exterior design of your property. There are beautiful and functional carport ideas that will improve the overall appearance of your home and give it a  picturesque curb appeal.


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