3 Tips to Get the Most From Free Offers

    There’s no shortage of free deals on offer today, especially online. Regardless of the product or service on offer, companies typically have a perma-free offer on hand in order to attract new clients, keep existing ones, and cut through the competition. 

    Still, not all deals are truly free. In fact, many offers are designed to encourage consumers to sign up for a subscription or, in the least, an email list that will be used to funnel future promotions. The company can then start charging for a subscription once the free trial ends. 

    There are more than a few important tips to keep in mind when evaluating free deals and choosing one that’s right for you. Ready to get the most from those free deals? Keep these three tips in mind.

    Tip #1: Differentiate Deals

    The less a company wants from you in exchange for a free deal, the truer the ‘free’ offer is. For example, sportsbooks continually revamp their offers to stick out from competing brands. This works out well for punters—but it’s important to differentiate what’s on offer.

    In this case, free bet no deposit offers are the best option, as they require no money from a newcomer in order for them to take advantage of the offer. Be sure to keep a lookout for deals that request little information, from a banking deposit to a recurring subscription.

    Tip #2: Products vs. Services

    Differentiating deals is important, as is separating free offers by the product or service offered. For example, many retail stores will keep their deals updated through sites that aggregate free product offers, whether related to skincare samples or major brand giveaways.

    In this case, it’s worth it to separate deal sites according to products and services; a product is a one-time buy, while a service will require an email sign-up or a recurring subscription. The latter is trickier to take advantage of (see below).

    Photo by Photo by Thought Catalog

    Tip #3: Keep Track of Time Requirements

    Any trustworthy free deal has a time requirement. The more free deals in the mix, the more a consumer will want to carefully monitor their time restraints. This is especially true for services that run on a subscription base (which most do).

    In this case, a free trial might last one day, one week, or one month. Always record the duration of the offer, as well as whether a company will automatically start charging for a full subscription once the trial ends. Be sure to stay on top of any subscriptions that require banking information upon accepting a free deal.

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