3 Reasons To Buy Your Boy A Sex Toy

    Where the use of sex toys might have been frowned upon by most women a few decades ago, many are becoming a lot more daring as far as bedroom matters are concerned. Could it be that the 50 Shades franchise has indeed revolutionized the way women view sex?  For the first time ever, kegel balls were sold out according to an interview with CalExotics CEO Susan Colvin, Not only is the fairer sex buying more sex toys for themselves, but they are also buying them for their men, and with good reason.

    Sex toys can improve your man’s stamina

    Nothing is quite as disappointing as when your gorgeous guy can’t last 5 minutes in the sack. Luckily there are a variety of nifty sex toys such as the fleshlight that can help improve a guy’s stamina between the sheets substantially. Unlike regular masturbation that can actually result in premature ejaculation, these toys are designed to prolong the process, intensifying orgasms at the same time.  Allowing a guy to practice his technique without him having to worry about satisfying you as well, will end up benefiting you both, both psychologically as well as physically.

    Mutual masturbation can be sizzling

    While proper sex is obviously best, a couple can get a lot of joy from watching each other pleasure themselves. It may take a while for you to wrap your head around mutual masturbation but once you have tried it there will be no looking back. No guy is going to be able to resist watching his girl touch herself and once you get past your preconceived ideas that masturbation is a private activity, you will find immense pleasure in watching your guy play with his new toy.

    You don’t have to fake a headache anymore

    What about those days where your guy wants to have sex and you’re just not in the mood? Instead of having to reluctantly give in (or fake a headache), you can simply remind him that he has a toy that can take care of his urges while you enjoy a relaxing bubble bath or sit in the garden and read a book. As a sexually-active couple who have been together for a while, there should be no awkwardness between you and chances are your man will thank you for your understanding (and very sexy) nature.

    The market is inundated with interesting sex toys, one which will undoubtedly be the perfect fit for your guy. Don’t be scared to explore new territories with your partner, you might be very pleasantly surprised at how much passion the introduction of a sex toy or two can inject into a relationship.

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