3 Gadgets That Will Keep You Safe During Outdoor Adventures

    While being outside and participating in outdoor adventures is a great way to stay fit, reconnect with the natural world, and experience some peace and solitude, being in the wild also opens you up to some potentially dangerous situations that could be tricky to get yourself out of. Luckily, with the right planning, preparation, and the help of a few modern technologies, you can get yourself out of almost any trouble you might find yourself in in the woods.

    So whether you’re going backcountry skiing or are taking a long hunting trip, here are three gadgets that will keep you safe during your outdoor adventures. 

    A Solar-Powered Phone Charger

    Although many people love being outside as an excuse to not have to be tethered to their phones anymore, if you run into trouble, you’ll want your phone to be on you and usable so you can get the help you need.

    To accomplish this, Christa Geraghty, a contributor to Komando.com, recommends that you get a solar-powered cell phone charger that you can easily pack with you in your gear. While you don’t have to use it to keep your phone constantly charged when you’re out in the woods, having the ability to get your phone charged and call for help if you require it could save your life or the lives of those you’re adventuring with. 

    A Water Filtering Straw

    The most precious commodity when you’re out in the rough is water. Without water, you don’t have any hope of surviving more than a few days, even in the best of conditions.

    To ensure that you’re never having to choose between dehydration or drinking unclean water, Scott Bay, a contributor to PCMag.com, suggests that you purchase a few personal water filtration straws to take with you whenever you go out without enough water to last you for your entire trip. While this technology should necessarily be used as your primary way to get clean water, if you’re in a pinch, sticking this straw into any available water will get you the hydration you need. 

    A Utility Bracelet

    Because most people who spend a lot of time outdoors don’t think it’s necessary to play for every possible contingency each time they venture outside, it might be more convenient for you to take just one small item that you can be used to help if need be. 

    This one item you should have, according to Brigitt Earley, a contributor to Good Housekeeping, is a utility bracelet. While these types of bracelets come in all varieties, you should look for one that has things like a compass, fire starter, a knife, a whistle, and some rope. 

    If you love being outdoors, consider taking along the gear mentioned above to help you stay safe out there.

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