15 Male Celebrities with Ugly Noses

    For as long as I can remember, men needed to present themselves well in order to be taken seriously in society. Men have almost as much pressure on appearance as women do. If regular men have this much pressure, can you imagine how much pressure male celebrities face?  However, almost none of them began with such perfect appearances.

    Here is a list of 15 male celebrities who had ugly noses and you didn’t even know:

    1. Tom Cruise


    Starting his career at only 19, Tom Cruise has become an American actor and filmmaker. He has done exceptionally well in the industry with 3 Academy Award nominations and has won 3 Golden Globe Awards. His nose before rhinoplasty was a victim of everything that can be wrong with a nose. It was big, had a long tip, and was wide. After surgery, his nose became much more presentable and sharp looking.

    1. Michael Jackson

    michael jackson

    Better known as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson was a do it all kind of guy! He was a singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, and actor. Someone who plays all of these roles must also look good doing it right? As a young star, his nose was overly wide and had no structure. The result of his surgery really benefited him in the industry, leaving him with a very structured and much smaller nose.

    1. Lance Bass

    lance bass

    As a child born and raised in Mississippi, Lance Bass rose to fame as the bass singer for the American boy band known as NSYNC. As an American pop singer, film and television producer, dancer, actor, and author, Lance was able to establish a name in the industry all on his own. Now he runs a music management company, which is a joint venture with Mercury Records. His nose needed a change, but it was just one aspect of his nose. The procedure slimmed down his nose and created a more presentable appearance.

    4. Patrick Dempsey


    As a race car driver and actor, Patrick Dempsey knows looking sharp is key. He started becoming successful as an actor in films when he was only in his early 20’s. With a career so strong in the acting field, appearance is crucial. Patrick’s nose was a wide one and had a long tip. He was able to get rid of that with surgery and represent his distinguished character.

    5. Shia LaBeouf


    Shia first became famous and attracted younger audiences with the Disney Channel titled show and on-screen name Even Stevens. In 2001, he received a Young Artist Award nomination. In 2003 Shia won a Daytime Emmy Award for this leading role. Since then, he has sky-rocketed to mass fame in numerous blockbusters. Rhinoplasty did Shia a big favor by allowing him to be taken seriously in the industry with a more mature  appearance. The procedure gave his look more structure and professionalism.

    1. Zac Efron


    Zac has made a prominent splash in the acting industry with his good looks and charm. However, it didn’t come as naturally as everyone thinks. Zac began acting professionally in the early 2000’s and rose to fame for his leading role in High School Musical. After that, he starred in many successful films playing diverse charactors. Before his rhinoplasty surgery his nose was wide and had a large tip. Now, it is more structured, sharper, and a lot smaller. It only makes sense that with a face like that all of the girls chase after him.

    1. Bruce Jenner


    Retired Olympic gold medal winner Bruce Jenner gained fame as the “All American Hero”. After entering the family as the step-father of the famous Kardashians, the limelight was on him more so than ever. He lived in the limelight most of their on-camera life where image was their middle name. Rhinoplasty helped him to decrease the size of his nose and look very picture perfect. Pre-Caitlyn of course.

    1. Ryan Seacrest


    An image that revolves around being on television ’round the clock doesn’t come easy. This do-it-all radio personality, producer, and television host has made himself a face to remember throughout the years. He is best known for hosting the competition and talent show American Idol. Before all of the fame and fortune, his nose was wide in one area and thin in the other, which created a lack of proportion and structure. The rhinoplasty helped him to gain that structure and give off a more professional look needed for success.

    1. Ashton Kutcher


    Beginning his career as a model, Ashton Kutcher became a famous American actor, investor, and producer. Ashton began his vocation with the sitcom on Fox called That 70’s Show. Perhaps you have heard of it? His nose before rhinoplasty was extremely crooked and had no form. The procedure helped him to create structure and form.

    1. Ryan Gosling

    ryan gosling

    Not many celebrity actors begin their careers as a child, but Ryan Gosling did it seamlessly. He started out as a child star on Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club.  By playing the leading role in The Notebook a few years later, Ryan was able to gain the attention of a wider audience and solidify himself as a Hollywood heartthrob. He has always had a very appealing presence, but his rhinoplasty helped him by a great deal. Ryan was a victim of the large, crooked, and wide nose. The rhinoplasty fixed all of those aspects for him and completed his look.

    1. Robert Pattinson


    Robert first started came onto the scene by playing a character in the epic franchise Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He remains relevant as a famous English model, musician, producer, and actor. Later on he appeared in the famous tween favorites the Twilight Saga. Robert stakes a claim among the most bankable and highest paid actors in Hollywood since 2010. His appearance is of utmost important when representing such a role, but his previous nose was not helping matters. The procedure gave him a much smaller nose and tip. He now looks a lot sharper and his look as an English actor has been completed.

    1. Wayne Newton


    Wayne Newton is considered one of the best entertainers in Las Vegas and of all time. His nose before surgery had a very long tip and was wider than it is now. The procedure definitely made him more picture-perfect for the stage and gave him a much more structured appearance.

    1. Mickey Rourke


    From a retired boxer turned professional actor and screenwriter, Mickey appeared primarily as a leading man in thriller, action, and dramatic films. During the 80’s was his biggest career boost starring in multiple movies as a leading man. Mickey endured a nose that had a very long tip and was ultimately ruining his appearance. He grew self-conscious. The surgery helped remove his insecurities and make the nose appeal better.

    1. Taylor Lautner


    Best known the Twilight Saga, Taylor Lautner is an American actor, model, and even credible martial artist. He is constantly drawing the attention of females all over the world with his appearance. He is under emennse pressure to maintain it all. Taylor’s nose before his big debut was very large and was not presentable at all. It hid away what was underneath. The procedure helped him by creating a much more composed shape, size, and structure to match his well-sculpted face.

    1. Josh Hutcherson


    Someone with main role in the Hunger Games franchise needs to look good. It’s just that simple. Josh started his career in 2002 by appearing in some commercials and a few feature films. He starred in The Hunger Games trilogy releasing each film annually from 2012 to 2015. Before the procedure his nose was big, with a long tip, and had a lack of structure. After his rhinoplasty he gained form to better his appearance and allowed people to take him more seriously.

    As you can tell, not everyone you see who has perfect features was born with it. All of these male celebrities had noses that were not appropriate for their industry prior to their procedures. With all of the social pressure, these men must look rugged and perfect. Rhinoplasty was absolutely necessary if they wanted to break into the biz. However, celebrities aren’t the only ones who need better their appearance for the sake of the job market. Males everywhere have the same cultural pressure to keep up with the proper aesthetic.

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