Social Media Posts That Make Us Contemplate Deleting Our Accounts

    It’s a really sad day when a statue in Lisbon, Portugal, that has stood the test of time for 126 years, gets knocked over and destroyed because some jackass tries to climb it and take a selfie! This actually happened last week. The 24 year old selfie statue-shatterer didn’t even have the guts to own up to his idiocy! He fled the scene and, thankfully, was quickly picked up by local cops. The statue of Portugal’s revered child king, Sebastiao went from looking like this, to this in a matter of moments.

    I don’t know about you, but when I hear stories like this, it makes me question society and every other thing I see on social media. Even worse, this kind of thing happens all the time!

    About a week ago an entire ride at Disneyland was shut down and evacuated for over an hour because someone had to smuggle a selfi-stick onto a roller coaster in an attempt to take what they thought would be an epic pic! Like, really? YOU SMUGGLED A SELFIE STICK!? Those lines are ridiculously long as it is and now people had to wait that much longer to get on the ride because you are selfish AF. Not cool. Then there was the girl who decided it would be a good idea to use the Snapchat speed filter to prove she was driving at over 100 mph. Turns out, she was actually driving at something like 113 mph, and in taking that ridiculous photo she hit another driver and almost killed herself and him! This is where my problem really begins… and continues at the fact that she even managed to take a selfie of herself after the accident while being strapped to a gurney with blood on her face! You can’t make this stuff up.

    It’s not just the selfie stupidity that makes you shake your head, though. It’s the posts; the posts that fill your news-feed with nonsense, and end up filling your soul with absolute rage. Sure, the typical soapbox stuff gets old fast, especially in an election year, but it’s much more than that. In my opinion, Facebook, for example, should be used to wish friends and family you hardly see a Happy Birthday, share funny videos, and make humorous anecdotal observations. Bullying, preaching, degrading, irritating, or being intentionally vague, should be banned from every social platform available! It’s truthfully is probably close to impossible, but a girl can dream…

    I apologize in advance if you are someone who loves to overshare on social media  – these opinions are entirely my own. But, when it comes to posts that make me question whether I continue following you, or even maintaining a social media presence, (who am I kidding, I won’t give up any of my accounts), these are the posts that make me question blocking you:

    • Anything you know will be overtly offensive: We can just get this one out of the way because most people agree that someone with an offensive opinion or a person that writes a post that puts anyone down or bullies another is unacceptable. There’s no way around it. This one’s a no-brainer.
    • The intentionally vague self-serving post: This is the person who writes stuff like “Why does this stuff have to happen to me?” or “Some people are so rude and they make me so mad!” These vague statements are simply begging for attention that screams, “What happened?” and “I’m here for you!” Guess what? If you commented on a vague self-serving post, you fueled the fire! This person is looking for social media attention! It’s obvious and irritating, at least to me.
    • The Sancti-Mommy: I am in no way putting moms down. I love seeing cute kid photos, in moderation of course, and reading fun kid stories. What I find annoying are the moms that have forgotten that life outside their family exists. Posts like, “Life doesn’t truly matter until you become a mom,” or something along the lines of how much more important junior is than anything going on in anyone else’s world. Yes, moms are supposed to think their kids are amazing, and they are! Thing is, there are plenty of people without kids that think their lives are quite fulfilling and important!
    • Anything gross that goes along with having kids: To continue the theme, nothing can shock you quite like thumbing through Instagram and getting hit with a photo of poop in a toddler potty! Congratulations on the successful training, but some things do not need to be public! And really, do you think your son or daughter will find that photo of them vomiting while being sick with the flu funny in 5 years? This is why France has banned parents from posting kid photos on social media!
    • Too many fitness posts: It’s really cool to learn about friends’ hobbies, but it is not necessary that I see your running route every day!
    • Food and meal photos that are unappealing: There is so much amazing food porn on Instagram. When you take a photo of some sad chicken nuggets in bad lighting with a pile of grey green beans next to them…that will not get liked.
    • Getting tagged in a really bad photo: Whether the photo was from a college party years ago or it features an unflattering angle in a bikini at the beach, don’t post a photo that will make the person tagged cringe because they don’t like the way they look or worry about how they will be perceived professionally! Not cool!
    • Overly lovey-dovey posts for your significant other: Countless studies have shown that relationships that are overtly public on social media are all for show. At home, things are a great big mess. Would I be upset if my husband didn’t acknowledge my birthday or our anniversary? Not really, because I know he is showing me his love at home!

    What do you think the most annoying social media posts are?


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