12 Things To Consider When Choosing A Cooling Pillow


    Getting quality sleep is essential for everyone because it affects your health. Physical health, including your immunity and energy levels, can be negatively affected by inadequate sleep. It can also influence your mental health since a lack of sleep can make it more challenging to cope with stress. Sleeplessness can even make people more irritable and angrier.

    While getting enough sleep and sleeping well sounds easy for some, it isn’t always that simple. This is because certain things can affect how you sleep, such as the number of uninterrupted hours of sleep you get every night. You might also be getting bad dreams, which can make your sleep feel awful.

    Temperature can affect how well you sleep. If it’s too cold, you may want to bundle up so you can feel warm and cozy. On the other hand, if it’s too hot, you’ll end up sweaty, sticky, and downright uncomfortable. Without a buckwheat cooling pillow, as shown in the video below, you can end up laying sleepless all day or night because of how warm you feel.

    Why Get A Cooling Pillow?

    Unlike a blanket or a comforter that you can do without when you’re feeling warm in bed, getting rid of a pillow can make you more uncomfortable. You often need one to support your head and neck and prevent soreness. But at the same time, some common pillow materials tend to get warm the longer you lay in them. So, a cooling pillow will be helpful to get adequate support while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

    Before buying a cooling pillow, there are all kinds of factors to consider. Listed below are some:

    1. Price Tag

    The first thing that can affect your purchase is your budget. Depending on the pillow, brand name, and materials, the price tag can vary, and this can put a cap on which products you can buy.

    However, there’s a misconception that high-quality pillows will always be expensive. While some excellent ones will be rather pricey, that’s not always the case. Thankfully, there are also affordable cooling pillows with excellent quality.

    Because of this, it’s important to remember that although the price should be considered, it isn’t an indication of the pillow’s quality. So, you’ll still have to investigate other concerns to ensure that the product is the right fit for you.

    2. Quality Of The Make

    The quality of the pillow is another thing you’ll want to pay attention to. Since it’ll be something you use frequently, it’s necessary to examine how well they’re made. For example, how well it’s sewn together and how good the zippers are matter. If the seams come undone, the stuffing can spill out, and you’ll end up spending more to get a replacement.

    3. How Cooling The Materials Are

    Another consideration is the materials used since this can affect how the pillow feels. In terms of comfort, many people like how polyester and cotton feel. However, that only applies in cooler weather. Once the temperature rises, these fabrics can absorb body heat and make your head and neck feel warm. When this happens, sweat gets absorbed into the pillow, causing it to deflate and quickly get dirty.

    Polyester and cotton aren’t as breathable as other materials such as buckwheat hulls. Hulls allow air to freely pass through between the pieces instead of through them, which happens with polyester. Because of this, hulls can help you sleep better because you stay cool even in warmer seasons.

    4. Health Benefits

    Sleep is just as important as diet, so if certain things can help you sleep better, that might be something worth looking into. Investing in a good pillow might be one of those things that can better your quality of life. If that’s the case, there are several things you need to consider to ensure that your pillow can give you a good night’s sleep and improve your overall health.

    For people prone to allergies or have sensitive noses, take care in choosing a hypoallergenic pillow. This is because getting the sniffles or getting sneezy right before bedtime won’t help you fall asleep better. Certain materials may also cause your skin to get irritated and inflamed.

    People with other health issues that need to be considered or those in recovery also need to think about what pillows to use. If you’re looking for extra comfort pre-operation, choose one that improves circulation. And for post-operation, look for a pillow that can give you the most comfort to reduce pain during recovery.

    5. Softness Or Firmness

    Support is one of the things to look for in any pillow, even cooling ones. The support you can get from the right cushion will also depend on how soft or firm it is. If you want a pillow that can give you more elevation, a firm pillow is the way to go because it won’t easily deflate when you use it. On the other hand, a softer pillow doesn’t give as much support, but it can keep you cozy. Either way, choosing the firmness will largely depend on your personal preference.

    6. Height Adjustability

    If you’ve ever slept with a pillow that’s too high or too low, you’ve probably woken up with a sore neck. To keep this from happening, a pillow that can easily be adjusted is a practical solution. It might be unheard of to some, but particular pillows and cushions can be adjusted by simply moving around the filling. You can also add more or remove some not just to change its firmness but also to adjust the height of your pillow.

    Adjustability can also mean changing the different shapes and sizes so that you can adjust them to fit other parts of your body perfectly. This way, you can use it to improve sleep posture. The ideal sleep posture will depend on your sleeping position because the pressure on your spine will vary based on how you sleep. Look for a versatile pillow that you can use for your neck, back, and legs.

    For those who sleep on their back, you’ll need a pillow for your neck and the back of your knees. For side sleepers, a pillow between their ear and the bed and between their knees is optimal. If you’re a stomach sleeper, get a pillow to support your head at a neutral position. So, adjusting the pillow to match people’s different needs and body shapes and sizes.

    7. Variety Of Designs Available

    While functionality and comfort are important, it’s also nice to look for a pillow that looks pleasing. Look for a design that can contribute to an overall relaxing bedroom interior. For example, it can have a print or design that looks neutral to fit any interior design theme.

    There are different kinds of pillowcases you could look for to fit your aesthetic. However, finding the right cases to suit your needs will depend on the size of your pillows. So, it might be best to look for a standard-sized pillow. If it has a unique size or shape, look for ones that also come with their own cases to make sure they fit perfectly.

    8. How Long It Lasts

    Pillows need to be changed often, depending on the materials used. To save money and to keep from contributing to unnecessary waste, getting a long-lasting and durable pillow will be an excellent help.

    The usual polyester-filled pillow lasts for one to two years, but it will need to be washed every three to six months or even more. While you can help it last longer by washing it less, it’s still best to clean it often to help keep it hygienic. If this sounds like it won’t last long enough, there are other types of pillows that last longer.

    To learn more about how long different pillows last, check out this list of pillows and their longevity below.

    • Memory foam – two to three years
    • Polyfoam – two to three years
    • Feathers – one to three years
    • Latex – two to four years
    • Buckwheat – simply refill or replace the hulls inside every three years

    9. Ease Of Maintenance

    As mentioned, it’s vital to wash pillows often to maintain good hygiene. While you can simply throw most kinds in the washer and dryer, this can ultimately affect their firmness and plushness over time. But depending on the type of pillow, there may be several other ways to keep them well-cared for.

    One type of pillow that’s easy to maintain is buckwheat. This is because all you need to do is to take out the hulls, wash the inner and outer pillowcases, and dry them. After that, you can just fill it up with the hulls again.

    But no matter what pillow it is, there are different ways to protect and maintain it, such as doing the following steps:

    • Use pillowcases to protect the pillow
    • Use the gentle cycle setting when machine-washing pillows
    • Only use cold or warm water

    Nevertheless, remember that even if you can wash and maintain it well, you’ll still have to replace the pillows when necessary. This means that you’ll have to throw away pillows when they’re lumpy, flat, stained, or infested.

    10. Portability

    The next thing you’ll want to look for in a pillow is portability, especially if you like to travel a lot. This way, you can take it wherever and whenever you go. Whether you’re on a plane or on the road, you can always feel comfortable.

    Portability is also great for when you go to a hotel or other types of lodging. It might be safer to bring your own pillows instead of using ones that might have already been used by other people. Although the pillows should be washed and sanitized, you can’t be 100% sure. To ease any anxiety, bring your own.

    11. Comfortability

    Overall comfortability is also a top priority since a pillow is for relaxation and sleep. Pay attention to how various kinds of pillows affect how you sleep. Ask yourself if you’re able to fall asleep quickly and comfortably. You could also think about how you feel in the morning; if you’re getting muscle pain, then there might be something wrong with the height and firmness of the pillow. Taking stock of your condition will help you find the perfect cushion to keep you snoozing like a baby all night.

    12. Reviews

    Ensuring that a pillow is as comfortable as advertised won’t be easy unless you try it out yourself. While you might have someone you trust who can recommend one that might work, it might still be a difficult task. There are, of course, a lot of pillows available on the market.

    To decide on whether a pillow is worth it or not, and if its quality is as advertised, you might want to look for reviews. There are different ways to do this, such as looking for vlogs, blogs, and even ratings on online stores. However, it’s important to differentiate genuine reviews from fake ones. So, look for reviews and ratings from verified customers.

    Final Tips
    Seeing as there are all kinds of tips to help you buy the perfect pillow, there are some things you always need to remember. One is to make sure that you understand your body, sleeping habits, and needs. This is because although pillows are marketed to be the perfect and most comfortable ones, they might not work the same way for you. So, take your time to assess the firmness, height, and even the kind of pillow you should get.


    Buying a pillow might seem like a simple task, but it’s also a good idea to consider it as a practical investment. The quality of your sleep matters and should be a top priority since it can affect how well you function every day. Feeling hot or experiencing discomfort might end up making you lose sleep. So, looking for the perfect pillow can help you cool down, relax, and rest easy.

    Look for one that’s flexible, adjustable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, and most of all, comfortable. A pillow that’s breathable and cooling without going over your budget is the best choice.

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