You’re not alone if you’re in a sexless marriage – Seek help of a marriage counselor

    It is physical intimacy which differentiates a nuptial relationship from just a platonic relationship. There are some couples who adopt this negative habit or pattern of letting their physical life take a backseat. After the first few years of marriage, there is a usual ‘drop off’, especially when kids come into the picture. But if you let it dry up totally, this is often a marital issue which has to be addressed sooner or later.

    A married couple can soon become just roommates when there is no place for sex in their lives. If both the spouses are okay with it, this is nothing of a concern. But this is not always the case. Usually either of the two partners seems to be frustrated and irritated by such a circumstance. Before you rush to licensed therapists to fix your relationship, here are few reasons and solutions of a sexless marriage that you should check out.

    Most common reasons behind a sexless marriage

    Among the different reasons that make a marriage sexless, here are few that you may take note of:

    • Sex drives which don’t match with each other
    • Conflict in relationship
    • Adverse and unhealthy feelings towards your partner
    • Boredom
    • Infidelity
    • Tiredness
    • Childbirth
    • ED or erectile dysfunction
    • Stress
    • Power struggles
    • Low sex drive
    • Depression or mental health disorders
    • Depression
    • Addiction to pornography

    Tips to recover from a sexless marriage

    • Identify the signs of having no sex in a marriage
    • Discuss with your partner regarding low sex or no sex in your relation. Though this is often difficult, it is important
    • Accept the fact that altering your sexless marriage won’t be easy enough but you have to decide to make your marriage healthy
    • Discuss on ways you can rekindle your sex life
    • Make it a schedule to have sex and though this might sound unromantic, you can do it in a proper way to make it romantic. Both of you will have some good thing to look forward to
    • Speak with a marriage counselor to address any medical conditions which have an impact on your sex life
    • Make efforts to create that lost spark which you both had initially
    • Consider meeting a professional counselor who deals with issues in a marriage. You may also speak with a licensed sex therapist

    In case your partner refuses to agree that there is an issue in your marriage, things won’t change for good. In a way to handle your frustration, don’t decide to betray your partner and become disloyal. Instead, seek help of a therapist.