World of Warcraft: Dragonflight — Dawn of the Infinite: Galakrond’s Fall Boss Guide

    Welcome to our guide to the new World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 3 dungeon, Dawn of the Infinite: Galakrond’s Fall. In this post, we have collected information about all the bosses as well as tactics that will help you defeat them quickly, and successfully finish the dungeon within the given time.


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    Chronikar is a simple boss fight with an enrage phase when you reach maximum energy. Eon Shatter (at maximum energy) is the most significant boss ability to be aware of, followed by Eon Residue soaks. Once you’ve obtained the Sand Stomp, set it near the far end of the chamber to better handle the Withering Sandpool. 


    When Chronikar generates 100 energy, it will cast an Eon Shatter on two random players. It is critical to avoid the initial ground circle, which is followed by the approaching Eon Fragments. After that, rush back in to soak the Eon Residue before it changes into Residue Blast (which becomes fatal to the entire party).


    • DPS — Position yourself closer to the end of the room before the boss casts Sand Stomp to prevent moving more than required.
    • Tank — Before each Chronoshear, use your mitigation abilities like Shield Block (Warriors), Ironfur (Guardian Druids), Demon Spikes (Vengeance Demon Hunters), etc., to assist your healer in overcoming the Sheared Lifespan effect, as it cannot be dispelled if a target under the debuff of Chronoshear.
    • Healer — Get ready to provide spot-healing for your tank during the Chronoshear cast. 


    Note: Keep away from Withering Sandpool at all costs.

    Manifested Timeways 

    During the entire battle, Manifested Timeways will use Timeways Conflux, altering the boss area into four equal slices. Two slices carry the Decaying Time debuff, while the others feature Accelerating Time. Regardless of your choice, you’ll endure damage per second. If you can maintain your rotation while moving, opt for the Decaying Time slice for less frequent damage (every 3 sec) compared to Accelerating Time (every 1 sec).


    • DPS — The crucial point here is to keep relevant damage rotation while staying within the Decaying Time slice. It’s ideal to perform your rotation to full effectiveness during significant cooldowns or a boss downtime where nothing is happening before making concessions in your damage sector due to movement.
    • Tank — To avoid having the group wiped out by the boss’s Radiant casting, a tank must remain in melee combat at all times.
    • Healer — Manifested Timeways will inflict this debuff on two random players. To minimize the overall damage the party will sustain, the healer should only dispel the Chrono-faded debuff within the Accelerating Time. 


    Note: Triggering Chrono-fade initiates an additional effect known as Chronofade. It is possible to avoid this effect by, for instance, using Blink or other distance-reducing skills.

    Blight of Galakrond

    The strategy for dealing with the Blight of Galakrond comes in three stages. It is critical to avoid sitting in the Blight Seep and the oncoming Corrosive Expulsion ground pools during Phase 1. In Phase 2, a random player will be debuffed with Corrosion, therefore, pass it to the tank as frequently as possible. 


    • DPS — During Phase 2, use offensive and defensive cooldowns as this will be one of the most difficult parts of the fight. To expedite the boss fight, try to cleave Loszkeleth and Dazhak at the same time.
    • Tank — Keep an eye on the Blight of Galakrond’s location at all times and move slowly during the first phase because the boss will leave Blight Seep lingering pools every time he moves. To facilitate the removal of the corrosion debuff during the Blight Reclamation frontal, keep still. For optimal cleaving, try to stack Loszkeleth and Dazhak whenever you can.
    • Healer — Healers should prioritize healing the player who has the Corrosion debuff to keep them alive. In addition, the healer has to use healing cooldowns when casting Necrotic Winds in Phase 2. In the final Phase 3, players should be quickly healed to prevent them from wiping due to the Noxious Ejection ability of Dazhak.


    Note: A random player will be debuffed with Necrofrost in Phase 3; therefore, it’s critical to apply a movement-freeing effect. 

    Iridikron the Stonescaled

    To defeat Iridikron, coordinate with Chromie’s aid. Utilize the Time Rifts it creates to evade Iridikron’s abilities. The healer must monitor the group’s health and safeguard Chromie. During Stonecracker Barrage, divide the team — four members soak the larger circle, and the Tank solo soak the smaller one. After Stonecracker Barrage, Chromie triggers Timeline Acceleration, granting 50% Haste for 25 sec. 


    Avoid Rending Earthspikes and Pulverizing Exhalation, and prioritize interrupting Pulverizing Creations’ Stonebolt. In the final phase, deploy defensive cooldowns and stack under Chromie’s Timeline Transcendence. Survive Cataclysmic Obliteration for victory.


    • DPS — Pair Timeline Acceleration with your second set of cooldowns for a quicker boss fight. During Stonecracker Barrage soaks, use defensive cooldowns. Save mini-cooldowns and resources to break the Earthsurge shield swiftly — less damage to the party. Interrupt Pulverizing Creations’ Stonebolt cast.
    • Tank — Monitor Crushing Onslaught stacks; reset them regularly. Quickly gather aggro from Pulverizing Creations.
    • Healer — Keep Chromie healthy at all times; its death results in a group wipe. Chromie is vulnerable to the Exhausted debuff after each Timeline Protection.


    Note: Track Earthsurge stacks, and use cooldowns judiciously. Preserve healing cooldowns for the Cataclysmic Obliteration channel.

    Knock Down Bosses Like a Pro

    Gear up and conquer World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s challenges in Dawn of Infinity: Galakrond’s Fall. From Chronikar’s enrage phase to Manifested Timeways’ temporal shifts — master each encounter with our guide. Employ strategy, coordinate with Chromie, and survive Cataclysmic Obliteration. Victory awaits those who heed these battle-tested tips!

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