Woman In Charge

    In my life, I have been fortunate to be surrounded by strong alpha females.

    I’m talking about self-motivated, independent women that don’t take no for an answer.

    Women that have the drive and ambitions to stand up for themselves and pave their own way without any support of a male figure.

    Some men are turned off or insecure to be around such a woman.

    I myself find it liberating and inspirational.

    Women have always had to work harder to be noticed, to be acknowledged, to be appreciated.

    What most men won’t admit is that women have been the backbone of our existence. They are not only our nurturers, mothers, wives, homemakers, cooks. They are our support system.

    They take notes, they listen. So when we need a shoulder or Encouragement or maybe a word of advice that influences us to make a sound decision, they are there to do so.

    No successful man has made his mark without a loyal, loving, supportive woman by his side.

    Furthermore, they have to know how to handle what comes with the territory.

    So they learn to be strong and have tough skin.

    Nowadays, women don’t have to stay in the shadows of their man, boss or any male figure.

    They have evolved to take initiative, make their own decisions and create their own fortunes.

    There’s a lot of women that utilize their physical gifts to get what they want. I do not hate or oppose this at all.

    But it’s the women that work hard to climb the ladder to the top of the food chain I admire the most.

    It may be men that run the world, but it is women that run the men.

    So who’s really in charge?!