How to Start a Remote Business

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    Remote, digital businesses allow you to start with far less start-up capital than a traditional business. It means you can save on costs, get better people in, and can launch your new business sooner than you thought was possible. Remote businesses are ideal when you don’t need a physical store, and especially if your product or service is digital. 

    Starting a business that is meant to be remotely operated can feel daunting. You have all the difficulties of launching a business, with the added struggle of figuring out how to easily manage a remote team. 

    With this guide, you’ll have a better insight into how to start a remote business: 

    Benefits of a Remote Business

    There are several benefits of starting up a remote business

    1. Save on Office Costs 
    2. Save on Equipment Costs 
    3. Hire More Talented People 
    4. Offer a Better Work/Life Balance 

    How to Start a Remote Business 

    In most cases the standard steps you need to take to launch a regular business will also apply when you are looking to launch a remote, digital business, with three key differences: 

    Create a Solid Business Plan 

    You will need to have a business plan that has remote working built into its framework. This includes the software you intend to use, the running costs, and ideas on how to manage your team. There is a lot that you can learn about starting and running a team of remote workers, so just take that and work it into your business model. 

    Find the Right Management Platform 

    It doesn’t matter if you work alone or with others. You need a management platform for you. If you work on your own, then you will need a software tool that allows you to easily manage your clients and help keep them in the loop as to your progress. If you manage a team, then you will need a business management platform like CoAmplifi. 

    These business management platforms make it easy to manage your team and, more importantly, help you avoid issues like wage and hour disputes. You will be able to take the guesswork out of payroll, and also be able to better manage and coach your team in real time. 

    Hire the Right Team 

    Hiring the right team is an absolute must. There are some real self-starters out there who are happy to manage their own time and are very reliable when it comes to working without having someone breathe down their necks. 

    You will want people who have either worked remotely before, or those who enjoy a more hands-off approach. As you are a startup, the people you hire will be instrumental to your growth, making your job listing a great opportunity for someone who wants to take a business and really make something out of it (and themselves). 

    Be Open to Suggestions and Adapt Your Management Style 

    When you do finally get started (at least behind the scenes) it is important to always be open to feedback. It is your first time managing a remote team on your own, and it may be their first time being managed remotely. Being open to suggestions can help you improve your management style and manage your remote team better.


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