Will This Be the Fashion Nova for Formal Wear?

    If there has been any company to really rock the fashion world in recent years, it’s Fashion Nova. The boutique online store has gained a cult following thanks to its aggressive social media campaign, celebrity endorsements, and of course, the exceptionally low prices of the items they sell.

    What really makes this store’s success secret so incredible is the fact that they have managed to gain an audience that would typically ignore the wares under any other circumstance. The rich, the decadent, and yes, even some celebrities, all have a thing for Fashion Nova.

    Many different online stores have been trying to figure out how the brains behind the store  managed to do it, but all have failed. It seemed, for a while at least, that there would only really be one Fashion Nova. Was it the alluring photos? The excellent press? Just a stroke of luck? It could very well have been a mixture of all these.

    Now, one company is proving to be an up-and-coming competitor to the affordable fashion warehouse—and truth be told, Fashion Nova might want to watch out. Lipstick London, a formal wear site that offers fantastic dresses at prices that would be unheard of anywhere else.

    Lipstick London has rapidly gained traction on social media due to their beautiful visual aesthetic, strong understanding of their demographics, and their tasteful fashion flair. Throughout the United States alone, the site has become the de facto way that popular teens buy their prom dresses, bridesmaids get their goods, and at times, Instagram-loving brides say yes to the dress.  We recently saw Ex on the Beach star rocking her favorite “Date Night” ensemble.

    Get Angela’s look here: Date Night Dress

    The feedback they have received has been overwhelmingly positive, partly because of the way that they handle issues involving fit, delivery, or the client’s personal style. Those who’ve ordered from them once typically end up ordering again once they hear about their next big event.

    The similarities are striking, but the subtle differences are really what make Lipstick London stand out. While Fashion Nova takes owns the casual wear space for younger Millennials and Gen Z, Lipstick London works a more upscale, classical yet edgy appeal to it that makes it clear that they’re into formal wear. Thankfully, they don’t add that flair in a stuffy way.  Not to mention the prices are much less than buying a designer label from a department store.

    The other big aspect that differentiates the two companies is the quality of the clothing. Fashion Nova’s clothing isn’t really much to write home about in terms of unique designs, while Lipstick London’s is. Lipstick London’s clothing is also higher quality while remaining incredibly budget-friendly.
    If we were honest about it, Fashion Nova should start to get worried. If Lipstick London were to expand their wares into casual clothing, it’s very likely that the “new kid on the block” of fashion e-commerce could end up toppling Fashion Nova’s reign as the Queen of the Social Media Fashion Scene.

    As of right now, fashion industry insiders are keeping a close eye on Lipstick London. It could be the company that changes how formal wear is marketed to younger generations—and that’s a great thing.  Check out Lipstick London to get your classic look for less.


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