Why You Need Help Moving Your Office Equipment

    Moving your business involves much more than transporting your desks, chairs, and conference tables to a new location. You have fragile, high-value tech that needs to come along with you as well.

    Making sure these items arrive in one piece can be a daunting task. Any problems during transport result in costly repairs or replacements, and anything that delays you from getting back online will cut into your bottom line. 

    With money on the line, it’s a good idea to handover your relocation to the professionals. An experienced office moving company has the skills, training, and gear to handle moving an office and its tech. 

    Here’s how the pros can help you relocate and hit the ground running. 

    1. Prepping Your Tech for a Move

    No office is completely wireless yet. Until that day comes, most of your hardware will plug in, which means you’ll have a variety of cables, wires, and other connections. An office moving professional flawlessly organizes these cords when detaching them to ensure a smooth reconnection at your new office.

    The best office moving companies take this initial step seriously. They’ll have a proven method to keep important accessories and devices with the right equipment. 

    2. Using the Right Moving Gear and Packing Supplies

    Whether you’re moving standard office equipment like computers and copiers or you need help transporting hundreds of servers, these items need a special touch. You can’t plunk them into a cardboard box and expect them to arrive at your destination in one piece. 

    All tech needs specialized packing supplies to ensure it’s safely protected at every stage of the move — from leaving your old office, to hitting the road in the back of the truck, and arriving at your new corporate HQ. 

    The office moving professionals will have the right packing supplies for each item to ensure it’s safe and sound. Better yet, expert movers come equipped with tools that help them transport your largest, most unwieldy items. 

    3. Insurance Coverage Protecting Your Belongings 

    Depending on the size of your outfit, you may consider getting your employees to move your tech. While this DIY method will promise to shave off costs at the outset, it could cost you more in the long run. 

    You didn’t hire your marketing team or accounting department because they know how to handle your tech. Even your IT employees may not know how to transport valuable or bulky items.

    If you force them to do this task, they could seriously hurt themselves and damage your equipment. Then you’ll be down personnel and tech, and there’s a chance you could get in trouble with your local labour board. 

    An office moving service, on the other hand, employs highly trained professionals who know how to handle these items safely. More still, they’re insured to cover any possible injuries or damages. You can purchase additional insurance to ensure you won’t have to pay for anything — not even loss or theft.

    Getting your equipment from one office to the next can be a challenge. Don’t take it on by yourself. Get in touch with the pros to ensure your tech arrives at your new office in one piece. 



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