What are the benefits to your business of partnering with a charity?

    Charities work hard, perhaps more than most organizations. Running a non-profit, for example, takes a lot of heart, genuine passion, and the will to succeed. The same applies to most walks of business ownership, in fact. There are actually plenty of benefits to business owners partnering with charitable organizations. Whether it is a local non-profit or a wide-reaching aid charity, there are plenty of ways for both parties to benefit from each other’s influence and expertise.

    Many businesspeople choose philanthropy as a way of ‘giving back’ to the impoverished and the marginalized. Malini Saba is one such successful business owner who has worked fervently to support the rights of women and children all over the world. Specifically, Saba works to help those who are impacted by a low-income economy and who may not have the same opportunities as those in developed nations.

    But what are the overall benefits to your business working with a charity? This may refer to making regular donations, signing up as a partner, and more besides.

    It’s a morale-boosting opportunity

    Many people enjoy partnering with charities through work simply because they don’t often have the chance to do so in their everyday lives. Many people dream of doing more for people who could benefit from charitable support but are perhaps unable to do so out of their own pockets. Therefore, partnering a business with a charity – regardless of its aims or its visions – is a good chance to really boost morale.

    This could apply just as much at employee level as it might on the board of directors. A charitable partnership is one which, ultimately, feels good to create! Many business owners want to genuinely do good for other people. If they have capital in their companies to support those in need, then why not make a point of partnering with a charitable cause?

    It’s great marketing for all parties

    Crucially, it is worth remembering that any kind of charitable action is always going to be great PR for those involved in the process. Charities need help from anyone who will be willing to offer them their support, and businesses that do support them may also benefit from the positive knock-on effect. A business that actively and openly supports a charity is more likely, on paper, to garner positive attention than one that doesn’t.

    Some may be cynical and suggest that a business partnering with a charity may be an exercise in PR only. However, that is hardly ever the case. After all, the charity and its beneficiaries still receive the support and funding they desperately need. What’s more, many businesspeople invest in causes because they are passionate about what’s at stake. Again, they may choose to use their corporate power and financial heft to get behind causes that they might otherwise be unable to support in their everyday lives.

    It builds brands

    If your business is in the early days of building any kind of branding or image, then one of the best things you can do is partner with other organizations that occupy the same sphere. Partnering with a charity means that you are helping to solidify who you are and what you do. This could help to set the tone for your business’ image, ethos, and to show people what you genuinely care about. What’s more, it may also help you to actively focus on the customers you wish to reach.

    It is all character building; your business or brand is going to need a strong character to ensure that you compete well in the industry, and to ensure that your customers see you as more than just a faceless entity. There is incredible strength and worth in creating your own branding profile through partnering with charitable allies.

    Crucially – it does some good

    If your business is in a position to be able to offer financial support to a charity, then you are very likely sending money to a worthy cause. This means that you are not just pumping money back into ‘the machine.’ You are actively making a difference to people’s lives beyond providing a service and a product line.

    Charitable giving is admirable if you are able to supply the necessary funding. Of course, not all businesses can, but the very notion of reaching out to a charity or cause may be enough to put your brand in the right direction. Therefore, there are untold benefits to practicing philanthropy.

    Carefully choosing a charity to suit your business or enterprise is vital. You will therefore need to do a bit of soul-searching and look for charities that have a similar ethos and vision to your own. It’s the first step towards really giving something back and making a difference!


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