Why Should Visiting Devon be On Your Bucket List In 2020?

    Devon is one of the most beautiful wonders of the UK. The full and diverse landscape has some of England’s best kept secrets and magical gems. Although it is recognised and beloved for its rural, rugged coastlines, enchanting forests and outside spaces, the urban areas are equally as charming. Keep reading to discover the delights of Devon and add it to your bucket list for 2020. 

    Wonderful Wistman’s Wood 

    Wistman’s Wood has been featured in art and writing for hundreds of years and is just as eerily beautiful as the name might suggest. The wood can be found in Dartmoor national park and is divided into three separate segments. What makes this place utterly unique is that the oaks are tangled, surrounded by boulders covered in moss of a distinct, green shade. The wood is steeped in mythical tales, some claiming it was the home or temple of druids, well worth a wander! 

    Dawlish Warren

    Dawlish warren can be found on the south coast of East Devon. The beautiful area is a national nature reserve on a stunning sand spit. The lovely, soft, white sand is one of the Warren’s biggest appeals, especially for young families, making it a hotspot for South Devon holiday parks. It’s a lovely place to walk along the beach in utter tranquillity, all year around! 

    Combe Martin 

    Speaking of beaches, you can also travel to North Devon and be transported to the waters of warmer climes (unfortunately the weather doesn’t come with it). Combe Martin is a small coastal town, but the focal point is the stunning, sheltered cove nicknamed ‘Little Thailand’, reminiscent of scenes from The Beach or exotic images found in expensive travel magazines. You can find these kinds of landscapes in the UK. Travel to Devon to enjoy sea kayaking, paddle boarding or other amazing water activities. 

    Diagon Alley (Or The Inspiration For It) 

    Gandy street in Exeter is a cobblestoned delight, full of vintage stores, high end independent businesses and amazing places to eat and drink (including John Gandy’s Bar). Yet the attraction to the small, wandering lane is not the cocktails, but it’s association with Harry Potter. Gandy street is supposed to be the inspiration for Diagon Alley, the famed shopping centre of the wizarding world. You can spot places like a building called The Vaults and decide for yourself if it truly resembles the amazing Gringotts bank. A great, cheap thing to do with kids in tow or a perfect way to spend an adult afternoon. 

    Secret Underground Passages

    Whilst you’re in Exeter, you won’t want to miss one of Devon’s most unique and mysteriously interesting attractions. The tunnels are a medieval maze navigating under the city, which have been used as 19th century catacombs and are an architectural feat of wonder! They’re both fun to explore and utterly mindboggling, as these small, winding passages have a story to tell, connecting with and gripping travellers from all around the globe. 

    Tick Off Some Of The -Ests in Devon, including:


    • The oldest nightclub in the UK – Marisco 
    • The highest water powered cliff railway – Lynton
    • Some of the oldest caves in the UK 
    • Try surfing on the best waves in the UK 


    Devon is often overlooked by it’s western rival, Cornwall, but this is just a few of the magical places you can find in the county. It is well worth a break to explore the coasts or just a day trip to find somewhere otherworldly! Add it to your bucket list today!


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