Why Are Companies Switching to Cloud-Based Testing in 2018

    Imagine that you’ve started an application with your IT team. And while your application has been developed for over 3 months, your coders have a problem testing the application.

    This is when you should start thinking about switching to cloud-based testing. With this feature, startup companies such as NVoicePay and SerswitchingviceMax have been able to stand out from their competitors. In this guide we’ll give you an overlook on cloud-based testing and why its an asset to your business.

    So let’s begin!

    What is Cloud Based Testing?

    Cloud based testing is a tool that’s used by IT team to collaborate on software testing. This makes it better for the team to find problems within the infrastructure of the code. When used correctly, it can reduce the time it takes to complete projects.

    Companies are switching to cloud testing due to its ease of use and employee management. By keeping your employees in on centralized software, it’s easy to manage them and delegate tasks to them effectively. Try using cloud testing the next time you have a large software project on your hands!

    Benefits of Cloud-Based Testing

    Here are the benefits when your company switches to cloud-based testing:

    24 Hour Access

    All of your cloud resources are available for testing at any time. As a result, your IT team can test these resources to improve the quality and security of your network. This is a fast option when compared to sharing in-house infrastructure during the off-hours of your business.

    This also includes the global access to your QA teams that are in different geographic regions or time zones. You’ll have test coverage 24/7, that can be tested by employees in different geographical regions.

    Promotes Collaboration

    No organization is successful without a dedicated team behind it. In addition to IT developer apps/tools, the cloud-based communication, and collaboration tools enable for both remote and local teams.

    This includes having better collaboration for the remote and local teams. This includes using chat communication,  continuous integration, testing, and reporting.

    DevOps Enabled

    Both DevOps and cloud-based testing work synergetically with each other. For example, the cloud gives the following DevOps features:

    • Easy and faster deployment
    • Redeployment
    • Reconfiguration of services and applications
    • Remote Monitoring
    • Temporary Customer Access

    Simulate Devices or Users

    With the right environment and vendor for your testing area, you’ll have the capacity and tools available to virtualize or simulate a large number of mobile devices, requests, clients, mobiles and so on in your backend software.

    Perform Intensive Performance Testing

    Performance testing needs to be adhered to in any growing business. And with cloud-based testing, finding out the application performance is feasible as you can start scaling your cloud usage or turn it off.

    With cloud testing, you don’t have to worry about large hardware equipment or long hosting commitments besides the quarterly performance testing requirements.


    Overall, cloud-based testing is important for your business. No matter if you’re launching a million dollar app or a small project with your friends, it will shave hours of debugs and employee frustration on your end. Thus, try to use it to ensure that your apps are testing and deployed correctly.

    Do you have any questions about using cloud testing for your IT teams?

    Share in the comments below.


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