The 3 Most Important Features in Activity Monitor Software

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    If you employ people, then you open yourself up to a wide range of liabilities, and wanting to monitor your employees doesn’t mean that you don’t care for your privacy. In fact, employee monitoring has been proven to help improve stability in the workplace, mainly because workers will know that they are being watched.

    In this short article, we’re going to cover three of the most helpful features that can be included in activity monitor software. If you’ve never used one of these programs before, then this may help you choose the right one for your needs, or it may give you some ideas about how you can use the software you already have installed.

    You’ll often find that businesses don’t make the most of the tools at their disposal, and activity monitor software is no exception to this rule. By the time you’re done reading this article, you may have a newfound respect for employee monitoring software, or you may at least be able to see how it can be useful.

    Screen Recording

    First off, employee monitoring software needs to be able to remotely display what is on a user’s screen, though that is a rather basic expectation, especially if the computers are on the same network. A more useful feature would be the ability to record what is happening on an employee’s screen.

    The ability to see what is happening will still leave you in a position where it is your word against your employees, but a recording will give you evidence. If you need justification for terminating an employee, then a screen recording will provide you with all of the evidence that you need.

    Key Logging

    Key logging software may sound sinister thanks to it being commonly used by hackers and other unsavory individuals, but you’ll find that it also has an actual application in insider security. Being able to log employee’s keystrokes will give you written evidence of everything they type on their workstation.

    For example, an employee trying to access confidential files will have their attempts recorded in a key logger. You can also get evidence of threats and harassment between employees by using a key logger. However, keep in mind that a key logger doesn’t confirm that someone sent a message, merely that it was sent from their computer.

    Alerts and Notifications

    Activity monitor software can often be the last line of defense that’s stopping someone from sabotaging your business, but it won’t do you much good unless you can take immediate action. You’ll want your monitoring software to be able to give you notifications and alerts when it detects something amiss.

    For example, if an employee is accessing confidential data, a notification may give you time to intervene before they can compromise the information.


    Being able to keep an eye on your employees can help make things run more smoothly and can protect you from a lot of potential issues. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other crucial features in activity monitor software that we didn’t have time to mention.


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