Why 8 Figure Companies Trust Los Silva To Help Them Grow

    Are you stuck and want to grow your company to 8 figures and beyond? Well, you don’t need to spend time testing various marketing strategies and tactics. However, developing a company to generate over $10,000,000 in revenue is not an easy task. Los Silva is helping companies reach the top in their industries. But who exactly is Los Silva?

    Los Silva is the CEO of SVG Holdings. He is the hero behind some of the biggest brands online. Also, Los has built multiple 7 and 8 figure brands. One time he built a brand from 20K a month to over 2M a month in just under a year. He has worked with the top names in the fitness and influencer space to help build and scale their brands. Los was nominated for influencers to watch by Influencive. Today, companies call Los when they need a strategy to scale their business, gain new marketing channels, and to connect with influencers to build powerful brands. He is also a sought out speaker and has spoken on stages alongside Tony Hawk, Ed Mylett, and many more. Los is a loving family man who is aggressive and efficient. But why do companies look for Los Silva to help them?

    Influencer Marketing

    Los is at the top of the game when it comes to Influencer Marketing. Influencer Marketing refers to a form of social media marketing that involves endorsements and product placements from influencers, organizations, and people who have a purported expert level of social influence or knowledge in their fields. Los helps personal brands and DTC companies grow online, and with Influencer Marketing, they can scale into new channels. He is an expert in branding, Influencer Marketing, PR, and direct response for medium to large DTC companies and personal brands.

    Visionary Strategic Planning

    Los Silva is a visionary man. His purpose, mission and values are well set up. His primary goal is to help companies grow beyond the 8 figure mark, and he always achieves that effortlessly. His aggressiveness and honesty have stirred up this success. What Los does to achieve his goals is to first draft a strategic plan that will help him accomplish his mission. This strategic planning allows him to focus on essential things. Also, it gives him the freedom he needs to ensure his clients scale beyond the 8 figure mark. He works with a visionary team of experts who are also influential mentors. His focus and mindset revolve around the goal, the mission, and the vision of the client.

    In conclusion, Los does everything extraordinarily with great enthusiasm. He gets to know his clients very well before attending to them. In his service delivery, Los ensures that he offers the best customer services. He always nurtures his existing clients with great respect and uses every powerful tool, including social media, to help them scale. Los has attended and spoken at many events on how to scale companies to 8 figures. Through those events, he has inspired many people and companies. Los’s rich experience has been something that motivates every company to approach him when they need help.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

      CEO of Disrupt Magazine

      Tony Delgado ( @disruptceo ) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Disrupt Magazine.