Who’s Your Hero

    Growing up with just my mother to raise me. I’ve taken notice of the struggles and challenges a single mother may encounter.

    A mother’s place

    There was a time when a mother’s place was home with her children while the father had a career and provided for his family. The women and children depended on the father.

    If the relationship didn’t work out and the parents divorced, it left the mother with no skills other than being a housewife.

    what next?

    This was a common situation that happened back in the 1970’s and early 80’s. Leaving a mother to still depend on child support, alimony and at worst government assistance


    Survival mode sets in and a mother that  feels she has a bigger purpose finds a way to provide.

    Going back to school to get a degree.  Or a trade school to get skills to enter the job world. Having to wear many hats in the household, besides Nurturer and provider.


    Kids are left home. While the mother enters the workforce. Leaving her to trust her children will behave, do their homework and chores after school.

    determined to find balance she manages to provide enough time to give attention to her children in-between work and sleep. Sacrificing any leisure time for herself.

    unconditional love

    A mother’s love for her children cannot compare to anything on this earth. It’s unconditional, loyal and selfless. They will go to great lengths to keep their children safe.

    There is no one that can replace her or compare. This woman has made you and raised you. She is a mother, father, teacher, chef, chauffeur, cheerleader, nurse, breadwinner.

    be present 

    You will always need your mother. Her job is never done. Tell her thank you, I love you. There will be no one stronger than your mother. she is to many,a Hero.


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