How to Discover Companies Looking For a Brand Ambassador

    Being a brand ambassador has its perks. Imagine having to try out products and services without paying a dime. Or posting quality content on your various social media platforms that will equally boost following. Or is it the fact that you get to attend amazing events and be the face of a brand? And you get paid for doing all this. How cool can a job be?

    While these perks are available for the taking, the taking is not always easy. This is because while there are many companies out there, not all require an ambassador. And for those who are, the competition is very real: Do you think you’re the only one who loves the perks attached to the job?  

    But before you lose heart, we are here to help as we will guide you on how to discover the companies looking for brand ambassador candidates and how you can make yourself a favorite to be picked.

    Let’s begin, shall we?

    Things to Consider Before Contacting a Company

    When you become a brand ambassador, you automatically become their representative; you are their face to the world. Therefore, you must consider these things to verify if they are perfect for your personality, ideals, and values…

    1. The Company’s Ethics and Values

    Does the company’s ethic and value system match yours? Do they do things that are against your belief? If there is any form of contradiction, it is best you don’t contact them. Imagine being a vegan and being an ambassador for a meat processing company. It doesn’t compute, right? We think so too.

    2. Is the Product or Service something you’ll Use?

    The next thing to consider is the above question. You might not really have issues with the product, but will you truly use it? 

    Let’s say you are trying to grow a beard or have grown one; then you can’t be the representative for a shaving clipper. If you become one, then you’ll have to shave your beards to show the effectiveness of the clipper.

    Instead of doing that, look for a hair growth product to represent which will be better for you. And you’ll be excited and enthusiastic about promoting such a product.

    3. Have your Facts and Figures Ready

    Don’t just contact a company unprepared. Make sure you have detail regarding your social media engagement rates, audience data, number of followers, any important past partnerships, and other important information.

    This will help you sell yourself to the company and will enhance your chance of getting hired. 

    4. Is the Company’s Website Credible?

    Make sure that the company is credible and you can do this by checking their website. Don’t be convinced by what you see on social media. A serious company will have a website. So run a Google search to see if they are legit. 

    5. Review the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines

    Being an ambassador will require you to postpaid, gifted, or sponsored content on social media. To do this, you must adhere to the guidelines laid down by the FTC. You can click here to see these guidelines. 

    Finding the Companies Looking for Brand Ambassadors

    Use the following tips to find companies that are seeking to hire ambassadors…

    1. Search within your Social Media Followers

    There is a huge possibility that you might have certain companies who have followed you. This is true especially for those with great online content and a large following. 

    The reason such companies followed you is that they were interested in your content. Therefore, contact them and ask them about their ambassadorship program. 

    2. Check Accounts that are Like Yours

    Looking through similar accounts can help you discover if there’s any company that is following those accounts that you like. If you don’t know any account like that, you can use hashtags to help you discover them. 

    When you find an account like yours, check their followers and also posts with lots of traction. You might come across a comment from a brand seeking to partner with the influencer. Since you both have similar accounts, the company might be ready to partner with you.

    3. Look for Brand Ambassador Applications

    Some companies create applications and have them posted on their social media accounts. Some of them use product gifting to also get ambassadors. This is the easiest way to get hired since the company initiated the process. You can find these applications by running a Google search or check your favorite companies to see if they have an open application. Check out to learn how to apply to be a brand ambassador using Instagram.

    4. Reach Out Directly

    Take the initiative and reach out to a company you like. Explain to them via a direct message or an email and sell yourself and pitch your idea. Explain to them why it will be a mutually beneficial partnership. If you do this well, they are bound to respond positively especially when they have a lot to gain. 


    The perks of being an ambassador are amazing, but the process of becoming one isn’t so easy. However, with the guide above, we’ve simplified the process for you.


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