Who Is Tony From 13 Reasons Why?

    Here are 7 things to know about Christian Navarro, aka Tony from 13 Reasons Why

    If you are obsessed as we are with 13 Reasons Why, you will understand that entire cast is talented and characters are relatable to all of us.  Although we love Clay and Hannah, we are equally if not more obsessed with Tony Padilla.  Tony is played by Christian Navarro as felt the need to do some research and report our findings.  Enjoy, especially those who love Tony like we do.

    Here are 7 things to know about Christian Navarro:

    7. Christian likes to workout.

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    He likes hiking and other outdoor activities.  Nice arms Christian;)

    6. He’s a Leo, born August 21, 1991.

    5. Christian is from the Boogie Down Bronx – born and raised

    4. He’s Taken, by Shaz 🙁

    He a girlfriend for over a year.  If you want to check her out, @Shazmeister on IG

    3. Christian loves ink.

    #mornjngmodeling #lol

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    2. He likes to race fast cars

    If he wasn’t hot enough and he has a bad boy streak…

    1. He’s a big brother


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    He’s always showing off his little sister off to the world.

    13 Reasons Why broke records on NetFlix as the show is here to stay.  This is definitely Christian Navarro’s breakout role as we’re excited to see more of him in the future – hopefully shirtless.

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