Which Pallet To Go For Depending On The Industry

    Pallets are used during the time of dealing with goods that take care of types of machinery, such as forklifts, bed jacks, or transportation, are placed away in racking or mass stockpiling or are located in transport vehicles, to stack, store, ensure, and transport materials. These are equipment that makes all the mentioned process possible with ease. Pallets are used in almost every industry that produces goods that need to be transported or stored in a warehouse before being transported. The pallets make it easy and safe for the forklifts to lift the heavy loads and transport them safely either to the truck or the warehouse. There are two different types of pallets mainly wooden pallets and plastic pallets, both types have their advantages and disadvantages and uses in particular industries.

    Both the types of pallets have widespread uses in various industries but as we move towards a greener planet some are gaining popularity over others like used plastic pallets from Plain Pallets or the ones made using recycled plastic rather than virgin plastic.

    The F&B Industry

    People engaged in the logistics business of transporting food and beverage items have a higher reliance on hygienic plastic pallets and when goods are to be transported or stored in an environment that is not susceptible to contamination or has no chances of contamination at all plastic pallets is what business owners go for. It is easy to sanitize wooden pallets and is comparatively economical and also the moisture that aids in the breeding of contaminants can also be gotten rid of. 


    This is an industry that needs components that are easy to transport and maintain, and while wooden pallets work just fine, plastic pallets are being more preferred over them because of their robust nature and lightweight. Plastic pallets also render a safe environment to work in as there are no chances of protruding nails or wooden splinters that could add to the list of things that could pose a threat to the individuals on a site. Wooden pallets are also the choice of material for the industry because it provides a sturdy base to workers as they get higher up in the construction, plastic can be slippery and difficult to work with as at times it is required to nail these pallets down for additional support which can only be done in the case of wooden pallets.

    Pharma industry

    Similar to the F&B industry this is also an industry where cross-contamination or during the transit or storage cannot be tolerated at all. The strictest cleanliness guidelines in the drug business call for something that is best for the protected stockpiling and transportation of drug merchandise. The material used in the making of plastic pallets is inert meaning that chances for contamination come down to none, compared to its counterpart which can be a breeding ground for bacteria if it dampens. Nevertheless, when kept dry and clean wooden pallets are equally safe for use in the industry but will require additional attention to be kept and maintained in a certain condition.


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