When to Negotiate Relocation? – Moving From USA to Europe

    Given the various possibilities and opportunities different European countries hold for a better and improved life, it’s not surprising to note the large numbers of people who are moving from USA to Europe.

    Whether you think about the morning runs on a European beach, delicious Italian cuisine you will be able to enjoy every now and then or the business meetings in a French café, you would definitely be thrilled if your company offers you a position overseas or you get a recruitment offer from a firm based abroad.

    However, despite your excitement to begin everything afresh in a new country, you must not sign off the relocation contract hastily.

    Moving overseas is a daunting task.

    And we aren’t just referring to relocating your stuff. There are several other intricate details and various aspects that people realize after their arrival in the new country.

    If you want to truly cherish your new life abroad, then make sure the company is offering you a great relocation package. Otherwise, negotiate any changes if you deem necessary.

    But what makes a good overseas relocation package and when should you negotiate?

    Read on to find out.

    The basics of a relocation package

    Since a relocation package refers to payments, allowances, and any other added bonuses or paid perks required in a move for your job, it often includes the following:

    • Traveling expenses
    • Temporary or permanent accommodations in the new place
    • Transporting household goods
    • Closing costs on a new house
    • Other miscellaneous expenses

    When to negotiate?

    Remember that moving from the USA to Europe is not an average relocation. It’s an international relocation.

    Therefore, the costs and every other process involved will be much more complex than that for a state-wide or cross-country relocation.

    Judge your situation and see if you want any other elements to be covered.

    If the cost of living differs

    Although the salary being offered might look great to you right now, thoroughly research the average cost of living at your new destination and demand any adjustments if needed.

    Consider the cost of basic necessities such as food, groceries, clothing, housing, and transportation.

    If housing is highly expensive

    You obviously need a comfortable house if you are to live abroad. If your company offers you temporary accommodations only, search out for an appropriate dwelling well before you move.

    If you are unable to find a decent place or if the housing cost or rents happen to be very high, you must discuss it with your employer and make any required changes accordingly.

    If you need leverage

    It goes without saying that you know your requirements better than your company.

    So if you feel you don’t need assistance in certain things, feel free to request your employer to make some changes in the relocation package.

    For instance, if you don’t have a family to relocate, ask that the expenses in moving your pet be covered instead. Or if you feel you can manage to ship goods on your own or want to hire international movers of your choice, then you may negotiate that the shipment costs as per the package be given to you in cash or adjusted in some other way.

    So, to make sure you don’t regret moving from the USA to Europe, remember to consider these points before finalizing your relocation.


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