How One World Pharma Engaged Cannabis Growers in Colombia to Become a Global Brand

    Cannabis has become the breakout industry of the decade thanks to newly relaxed laws on medical marijuana. And, for entrepreneurs, its the perfect time to establish their place in the green industryas an authority. Competition is at an all-time high, though, and that means that companies have to work harder than ever to find a way to reach to the top.

    In no place is this truer than when it come to the actual cultivation of cannabis. Cannabis growers throughout the world are working to get licensed in the United States, and also show that their crops are the best that money can buy. The rush for cannabis growers to gain territory in the emerging markets throughout the country is showing no signs of stopping.

    Though American growers are definitely making their own movies, there has been one Colombia-based cannabis producer that has been taking the world by storm. That company is One World Pharma, and its a company that every entrepreneur should learn from. After all, their business skills are nothing short of brilliant.

    One World Pharma: The Start

    When it comes to cultivation, many growers forget how important it is to build a brand with a message. Cannabis is already highly stigmatized due to propaganda campaigns that were run by the government. Its up to entrepreneurs to help reduce to the stigma surrounding the industry, and to prove that cannabis can offer a positive impact on society as a whole.

    One World Pharma was a company that realized that excessive legal red tape existed in America. To curb the negative impact that it had, they incorporated in Nevada and began to work on obtaining licensure in the United States for seed use, non-psychoactive low THC use cultivation, psychoactive THC cultivation, as well as cannabis-derived product creation.

    Reaching Out to Indigenous Farmers

    Farming in America was very difficult and costly, so they discovered farms in Colombia that were run by indigenous locals. They then moved their main subsidiary to Colombia and created an outreach program that created jobs for Colombian indigenous peoples through the cannabis industry.

    By partnering with local farmers and starting an outreach program with cannabis entrepreneurs in America, One World Pharma was able to triple the amount of farmland they had. Their partnerships also helped propel sales, give power to marginalized communities, and also help people gain a better opinion of cannabis as a whole.

    Together, One World Pharma and local farmers have been able to turn cannabis cultivation into a science. The indigenous people are also gaining a better voice in local politics; Mama Liliana, who recently won Woman of the Year, has gained a seat on the companys advisory board to help advocate for indigenous rights in the local government.

    Meanwhile, the expertise of One World Pharma gave farmers a better way to cultivate cannabis and distribute it. Their refined cannabis cultivation process has led to higher potencies without higher costs. Its a win-win.

    Partnership After Partnership


    Most cannabis growers who have been trying to gain more in the market have forgotten the importance of relationships. One World Pharma didnt, and thats precisely why they are rapidly growing as a company on a global scale, rather than just working to make waves in a single state like most others.

    Due to the fact that people are watching cannabis companies closely, its crucial to make sure that you put your best foot forward and gain clout with the right people. One World Pharmas high ethical standards when conducting business has shown people that cannabis can be a great thing for all parties involved.

    For more information about OWP Ventures, Inc. and its subsidiary OneWorld Pharma S.A.S., follow them on on Facebook, G+, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


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