When Keepin’ It Real Goes White House




    In the wake of the #straightouttacompton meme generator, privileged millennials have wasted no time capitalizing on an opportunity to be ironic and seemingly tongue & cheek with their own declaration of their residence.

    Or perhaps below, my personal favorite twist I’ve seen thus far…


    (It’s just so original) Follow @cblondel24 for more laughs!

    With creativity and inspiration on this level, are we officially #STRAIGHTOUTTAMEMES?

    NOPE! Not yet America.

    As the highly-anticipated movie came out today, this was one of the most genius social media strategies and online marketing ploys ever to be done. Of course we cannot attribute the success of the film and box office numbers simply through a meme, can we?

    The exclusive American bio-pic chronicles the story behind the rise and fall of Compton grown hip hop artists, N.W.A.

    -And if you live under a rock or were perhaps born after 1995, N.W.A is one of the earliest and most critically acclaimed significant groups historically in hip hop. As controversy surrounded the popular gangsta rap sub-genre of the West Coast, the line-up sling shot the careers of well-known musical heavyweights, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, into rap royalty.

    However, if you ask the suburban youth of today, “Are We There Yet?” is an original OG’s claim to fame. Not to be uber “basic white girl” right now, but I literally can’t even with this.

    In an attempt to capture a younger audience, even the White House jumped on the bandwagon to drive more awareness regarding an Iran deal with I quote, “Straight Outta Uranium”.


    Buzzfeed initially helped point out the clash or mockery of the iconic underground 80’s lyricists. Regardless of people’s creativity, although often hilarious, some over-the-top gestures paying homage to legends can be sprinkled with a little hypocrisy- especially with the current state of affairs involving another potential revolt towards authority. As we embark on a new generation’s version of tolerance, it oftentimes can be reminiscent of the same message of the fight once fought, a culture and a lifestyle subdivided beyond the struggles. #thuglife

    After all, as we all know college can be a really tough time for young white men in today’s society. There are high hopes for memes to teach acceptance, bridge the gap of racial bias, as well as mold the young minds with promoting governmental policies. Truth be told, social media and a good meme spoof is seemingly all the marketing tools needed to prove your street cred and send a message to the kiddies!



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