Top 15 Cities For A "Good Time"…Literally

    As our “hookup” culture precedes us, traveling cross country, or even abroad can be a big part of self discovery as a young adult matures.

    -But do we really care about finding the best city with the best “hot dogs”?

    That’s simply not the kind of wiener everyone is searching for.

    Although a big part of road trips, traveling and vacations are the itineraries and potential “to-do list”, most young bucks are more concerned with who to do to check off their bucket list. Twenty-somethings are on the hunt and they want to be where the action is…and where they can put in the least amount of effort.

    ( Remember Generation Y can be a seemingly entitled bunch.)

    However, they did put in the time to research, as well as put their problem-solving skills to good use. After studying a list of the 30 busiest US Tinder markets, released by the app, they used specific criteria to scientifically formulate the best cities to get your swirl on.

    • Number of Bars per 100 People
    • Percentage of Single Residents
    • Lopsided Ratios of Women to Men

    Serious stuff right?

    Well, the recent reports revealed the top places to find your next one nightstand…

    15. Los Angeles, CA

    With the highest number of singles living there, this one seems a bit obvious to me. Countless “up and coming” stars and starlets with Hollywood dreams flood the town looking for love and their big break! Men and women are there for one reason only- Lala land is the home of the entertainment industry! So if you are a movie producer or seemingly in the business in any way, this is an easy “lay” up (pun intended).

    14. Columbus, OH

    Known for their “college town” reputation, there is no one more hormonal than a frat boy. Bars are regularly packed with an even ratio between men and women to select your late-night, dorm room booty call.

    13. Tampa, FL

    Also not surprising. Home to controversial sexual relations,  the hookup lifestyle can begin as early as middle school & high school. Whether it is the number of bars per square mile or after school detention, we ask people to proceed this city with caution.

    12. Pittsburgh, PA

    This one kind of shocked me. Just because I feel like what the hell is in Pittsburgh. I guess people are simply bored. It reminded me of Wayne’s World, “Hey, We’re in Delaware.”


    11. Oakland, CA

    Leave it to the Hipsters to turn a nearly forgotten, demolition based city into the nation’s newest sexually active domain. Gangs are furious their turf is now being taken over by bearded dudes and gals in fedoras, but at least everyone is getting some.

    10. Dallas, TX

    Turns out, scoring in the Big D is easy even if you aren’t playing the Mavs. After all, everything is bigger in Texas, including the percentage of swinging singles looking for cowboys.

    9. Minneapolis, MN

    This is another random, boring spot. Or at least one would think right? Wrong. Mounties have to keep warm somehow and they have figured out the proper way to heat things up. The bar scene is actually very overpopulated with folks looking graze.

    8. Houston, TX

    Houston, we don’t actually have a problem at all. We have a serious good time on our hands. More people are coming to Texas and not looking to mess with it, just mess around.

    7. Boston, MA

    Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Mark Walberg… I think women are just traveling there in hopes to meet the ultimate Boston Boy. He is the perfect mix of the guy from the wrong side of the tracks with the boy next door. Irresistible… So men, take advantage of the fantasy and the New England quality that hits more home runs than your beloved Red Sox.

    6. Philadelphia, PA

    Not only the City of Brotherly love, but the latest city of lust. It’s always seemingly sunny in Philly because everyone is eating cheese steaks and lucky. Not to mention, judging by their sports fan base, they are all a passionate bunch.

    5. New York, NY

    Manhattan may be the setting for Sex and the City, but NYC is still a bit shy of breaking the top ranks. The truth is this melting pot promises a constant revolving door of new potential lovers with current residents and tourists that you will never run into again. Makes it pretty easy to pull the whole “hit it and quit it” without burning any Brooklyn bridges.

    4. Washington, DC

    Politicking has a whole new meaning for our nation’s capitol. Plus, all the hours of watching politicians debate will drive everyone to drink and have a need to release stress and tension. After all, that’s our tax dollars they are fighting about.

    3. Miami, FL

    Miami has the most beautiful women in the world and the richest men. You do the math. It may not happen like a Pitbull video depicts, but with the right swag, you too can make music on a yacht.

    2. Atlanta, GA

    Welcome to Atlanta remix players! According to the hip hop community, Atlanta sounds like a pretty ballin’ place.  All those rappers can’t be wrong. If you are looking for a dime, that’s top of the line, cut face, little waist, and a big behind, head south- literally.

    1. Chicago, IL

    Deep dish pizza isn’t the only indulgence. Chi-town ranked number one as the easiest place in America to get laid. Nuff’ said.

    In case of a dry spell, plan a trip! 


    • Tom La Vecchia

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