What Women Really Want in Their Late 20’s.

    What Do Women Want?

    #wtf right?

    Honestly, who knows? We really do change our minds and we change them a lot. Yeah, we’re fully aware of this…

    What’s the rhyme or reason, you ask? Well, women are always thinking, so we’re always changing. We’ll never be 100% content while we’re young because we know there are still things to be done, places to go and people to meet. If you’re trying to figure out what women want in general, don’t bother. Now, if you want to figure out what women want at certain points in their lives, that’s a totally different story.

    Although the long run is ever-changing, women hit these age marks and focus in on exactly what they want at that point in time.

    One of the most confusing times for women is the twenties. At 18, most of us thought we’d be married with a kid by 25… that’s not the case for a good portion of us. From the day we’re born until about 26, women are just trying to figure out what they’re supposed to be doing and when they’re supposed to get there by. It isn’t until the late twenties when most of us start actually narrowing it down.

    We asked women, “What do you want as someone in your late 20’s.”

    Here’s what they had to say…


    No more loans!”

    -Michelle, 25

    A stable career with a man on the side… one or the other is fine. I’m not greedy.”

    -Jessica, 29

    A stable man. Stable nice car. Stable career. A stable puppy. A stable flow of incoming cash. A stable deli man to make me bacon egg and cheeses (bacon crispy). Pretty much, stability. “

    -Jennifer, 27

    “Financial freedom, good health, a stable career and a bun in the oven.”

    -Andrea, 28

    “Honestly, I just want to be happy and know that I’m going in the right direction. I want kids and to be married sooner than later, but not at the cost of giving up my happiness. “

    -Maria, 27

    “What do I want? I’d like to be at a point where I can be financially stable BY MYSELF. Even though the number one thing that is most important to be right now is to be in a relationship for the future. I am not in a rush to be married or anything, but at this point I am ready to have that person in my life right now. I’d also LOVE to be debt free. No student loans, no credit card debt; so that I can live that more independent life without being tied down and stuck in mama’s house at almost 30…”

    Stephanie, 29

    So, it really is quite simple.

    Women aren’t looking for the Ritz and a 1 million dollar wedding. They just want to be happy and in a good place. Who wouldn’t want to wake up everyday feeling comfortable and confident in the life they’re leading?

    In the late twenties, it really comes down to what’s right. Right job, right place, right salary, right relationship; going in the right direction.




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