What Web Hosting Companies Have Free SSL?

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    According to Sucuri, there are more than 34K websites that experience cyber threats and were hacked last 2017. While there are various factors you can do to improve your site’s security and leverage protection, looking for web hosting solutions with top-notch security is a necessity. There are several actions you can implement to ensure safety, and one of that is to use HTTPs as a solid foundation for a website. 

    You need to purchase your SSL certificate. However, there are a few trusted and reliable web hosting providers that offer free SSL certificates on their plans and packages. For your website to use the ‘HTTPs’, it will require you to have an SSL certification. You might think that it’s not an essential factor but having one has tons of benefits for your website’s security. 

    What’s an SSL Certificate and Why Do You Need One? 

    Secure Sockets Layer, also known as SSL, is a technology that keeps your connection protected and safeguards all sensitive data being sent from two systems. It prevents hackers and criminals from tracking, reading, or modifying any or all information that is transferred, especially you or your client’s personal information from all possible risks. 

    In short, SSL is an innovative technique which masked or encrypts all data between site visitors or users and the gateway. It secures information from hackers, and only the server and user’s browser enables decryption of any data which are sent back or forth. Few hosting solutions offer free SSL certificates. In this case, you can check Hosting Foundry’s favorites as these web hosting providers understand the needs to secure your website without added cost on your end. 

    Web hosting providers that offer free SSL knows what their customers need, and they care more about your site’s security. 

    • SSL certificates act as a secured tunnel between a website’s server and users.
    • With an SSL certificate that’s installed into the website shows a padlock into the browser and enables HTTPs usage.
    • SSL certificate makes your website look legitimate and secure to clients and visitors.
    • SSL offers dynamic security for websites, mostly if you are selling products online.
    • Without an SSL certificate, your website is designated as an untrusted website.
    • SSL certificate enables search engines to rank your website. 
    • It protects you and your user’s sensitive data from hackers. 
    • Payment processing software or tools requires an SSL certificate to process payments on your website.

    Which Web Hosting Providers Offers Free SSL Certificates? 

    There are only a few web hosting providers that provide free SSL certificates, and you should reconsider building your website with them. 

    • SiteGround

    SiteGround is top-notch when it comes to web hosting solutions that offer free SSL certificates on all its plans. It has affordable and straightforward pricing solutions to meet your business needs with free CDN (Cloudflare) that you can install instantly that enables a fast and safe site against hackers and threats. 

    • BlueHost

    When it comes to tenue web-hosting providers, BlueHost is an established company that is trusted by many expert bloggers. They offer free SSL certificates and unmetered bandwidth. The free email account allows you to connect with the site’s domain name and their support team is one of the leaders in the web hosting industry.

    • A2 Hosting

    A2 Hosting offers various hosting solutions with free SSL certificates on all their plans. All A2 Hosting plans provide unlimited storage, data transfer, and all their servers are SSD equipped to provide high-end site performance. They also have a 24/7 active support team to assist you instantly. 

    • InMotion

    InMotion is one of the best web hosting providers with more than 25k clients worldwide, and all of their plans are scalable with guaranteed 90 days refund. All of the InMotion packages offer unlimited email accounts, unli-bandwidth, and unmetered disk storage. With regular automated backups, this hosting provider provides strict security for all of their clients. 

    • HostGator

    HostGator is another web hosting provider that offers a free SSL certificate on your domains. They offer unmetered bandwidth, email accounts, and disk storage, even with their basic plan with free data migration upon signup and access to their technical support whenever you need one. 


    Going for a hosting solution that offers a free SSL certificate is vital as these features are pricey and complex to install if you’ll do it alone. With a free SSL certificate on a hosting plan that you have chosen, it enables you to have security and convenience in one. Whether you are starting out or an already established business, a web hosting provider that offers free SSL is a must to help upscale and secure your business.


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