How Two Lifelong Friends, Co-Founders, and a Team of Highly Trained Staff Changed the Behavioral Health Landscape with Superior Treatments

    As we grow wiser with age, it comes time to find meaning out of our lives, oftentimes we begin by helping ourselves but some incredible leaders have found meaning through helping others. Meet Marc Effron, Co-Founder of Legacy Healing Center and former vice president for a large investment fund. Marc has displayed absolute devotion into everything he pursues in life, and with an unmatched work ethic he has built a small career as a motivational keynote speaker, so in every career move, he has made the one thing in common was the dedication to helping others. In this article, we will have a better understanding of how Legacy Healing Center has given a stronger meaning to Marc Effron. 

    Standing Out

    Growing up Marc excelled in building relationships and has experienced great success in the financial industry. Despite the great success, something was always missing. It became such an overwhelming feeling for Marc. It wasn’t until Marc found sobriety that I in turn found my calling. He found himself in a place where all of the things he previously thought he knew were challenged. So Marc was forced to create a new reality. Learning this lesson allowed the powerhouse entrepreneur to build such a strong understanding of gratitude, life, and love. This magnified his life and built passion about reaching into the dark spaces and sharing it with others.

    Trials and Tribulations

    One of the earliest greatest challenges that Marc had to overcome was being forced to drop out of high school as an adolescent due to family dynamics. The challenges that Marc faced afterward such as having to get a GED, and finding a way to become financially stable taught Marc so much about himself as well as built the work ethic that we see today. 

    Although Marc did not experience what some would call the conventional avenue to success, he had to work very hard and obtain multiple licenses and certifications that blazed his own path towards success. This very early lesson taught Marc that even if our paths take us down the scenic route, we are still able to create and live our dreams. This lesson helped Marc through addiction and later sobriety, and several other very difficult experiences in his life. 

    Translating the Future of Legacy Healing Center

    When Marc first founded Legacy Healing Center, he began with a singular goal in mind and that was to help as many families and communities as possible. As the company continued to help patients after patients create more amazing success stories every year, Marc has been fortunate enough to help employ a staff of over 200 people across multiple different locations for Legacy Healing Center. 

    This surge in employees serves as a clear point of reference on just how much his goals have changed since he started Legacy Healing Center while being focused on helping as many people through their holistic practices they didn’t realize they were adding value to the lives of 200 incredible team members as well. His staff has even gone as far as walking into his office to tell him how grateful they are for this facility. The teams are happy to come to work and give 100% of themselves to our clients because of this. Legacy Healing Center is now stronger because of the men and women that make this company great. 

    As for the future of Legacy Healing Center, Marc and the company are striving to develop a truly deep understanding of this process and structure their treatment programs to consider all of the symptoms involved allowing for lifelong recovery. Their commitment to their patients’ health and stability navigating into a life of recovery will always come first for the company.


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