What To Do if You’re Injured in an Accident

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    Car accidents are something that will touch almost every single person’s life.  Whether you’re in one, or you’re affected by someone you love being in one, it’s not a comfortable situation.  You might not be sure what you can do after the crash has happened, or what may be the best way to heal.  Fortunately, not every step is complicated.

    Here’s what to do if you’re injured in an accident:

    Take Care of Major Injuries

    The immediately vital thing to do after any car accident is to take care of anyone who’s been hurt.  This step means taking care of anyone inside your vehicle and anyone inside any of the other cars.  Call an ambulance if necessary, and don’t lob any claims of guilt or innocence around.  Human lives, and human health, are more important than figuring out fault.  If someone is with you and not injured, ask them to follow through with the next steps.

    Gather Photographic Evidence

    Take pictures of your car crash scene and injuries.  You’ll need this evidence to prove a case if things go to court and for your insurance company to assess the damage.  If something seems like it may sway the case, either way, take a picture of it.  It may help to take photos of the healing process of what you’re going through.  It would help if you showed that what you went through was traumatic to your body and or mind to have a case.

    Gather Eyewitness Remarks

    Witnesses are one of the most precise ways to prove your case.  If someone saw the crash happen and agree with your side of the story, get their contact information.  If they’ll let you record every conversation you have with them to help prove your case.  If this goes to court, you may need them to testify on your behalf.

    Figure Out Fault

    By now, there should be a clear view of who’s at fault.  Fault depends on who caused the accident to happen.  Whether they rear-ended your car or your car hit them while pulling out, it’s essential to look who did what and why.  Running red lights, ignoring traffic signs, turning illegally, or doing anything else that breaks traffic laws is enough to make one of the parties seem guilty.  If you know you did nothing wrong, but the other people involved disagree, it’s time for a court case.

    Take It To Court

    Not every accident calls for needing a St. Louis car accident lawyer, but those that do need to be taken seriously.  Gather all of your necessary evidence together, make your case, and let your lawyer do their job.  You can help your court case by ignoring the urge to apologize at the accident site.  Your lawyer will instruct you through what you need to do to win your claim, and you’re better off if you listen to them.  

    Car accidents can be traumatic to people’s bodies and minds, so you must make decisions based on more than fear or panic.  Do what you must have to so that you can ensure you’re able to heal and move past this.


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