5 Things To Do After A Car Accident

    Car accidents are a scary event that most people have a difficult time dealing with. Your adrenaline may be rushing or you could be shaking from fear. Whether you were just involved in a small fender bender or you are startled and trying to recover from a major car accident, you will want to do the following things.

    1. Stay Calm

    This is easier said than done but it is essential for getting through the ordeal. Take a deep breath, calm your mind and focus your mind on the situation.

    2. Check for Injuries

    Slowly check your body from head to toe for any injuries, bruises, cuts or bleeding. Check the passengers who are with you in the car as well. At the first sight of injury call an ambulance for medical assistance.

    3. Take Pictures

    Take snap shots of the accident that show the position of the cars involved as well as any damage. These pictures will be beneficial for the car insurance company and the attorney that will handle your case if necessary.

    4. Call the Police

    Whether you were involved in a minor or major accident, always call the police to make a report. Leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it is illegal in most states.

    5. Contact a Lawyer

    Depending on the situation, you will want to consider contacting a lawyer to inquire about your rights regarding the accident. Make sure you discuss all of the details of the accident and offer copies of the pictures you took at the scene.

    Always limit your conversation regarding the accident when you speak to the other driver involved. Some drivers act fast and somehow have you sign a handwritten document stating that you were to blame for the accident. Beware of fast talkers trying to convince you or force you into verbally agreeing or physically signing documents. Always speak honestly to the police and the car insurance company regarding the details of the accident.


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