What Things Do Men Like in Sex?

    When it comes to sex, men may often like different things. Of course, most men will have similar things that they all seem to like during sex but each and every man will have something they may enjoy that other men may not be so keen on. So what things do men like in sex?

    Plenty of men want women to explore more. Sex is great but sometimes the foreplay can be just as good and men want the women they are in bed with to be a little more ‘hands on’ if possible. Exploring their bodies with their hands is bound to get men all in a fluster. Movies have projected this idea that men want sex and they want it now but sometimes they want just a little more time spent on the foreplay – the slow build up tends to make for an even better finish so take your time with your man. You don’t need to start off sexually – a bit of shoulder rubbing or a back massage could do the trick nicely.

    With that in mind, men also love it when a woman initiates the whole thing and takes control. Society generally expects men to be the ones to initiate sex and to take control but this shouldn’t be the case; it isn’t realistic. Add to that the fact that many men love it when the lady takes control of the situation because it makes them feel more desirable and it is clear to see why men wish the ladies in their life would start things off more often. They don’t want to be judged on their performance and want you to want them. They want to feel like they are manly and capable of pleasing their woman; able to turn them on and pleasure them. By a woman initiating the act, this enables the man to feel much more confident in himself – let him know just how hot he is by showing him and boost his self-esteem.

    Men also love a bit of confidence in a woman in bed. Confidence in both her performance and her body is a major turn on for most men. A woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it; isn’t afraid to initiate things and has little to no flaws or hang ups about her body definitely seems to make for a much more intense and stimulating experience. A woman in lingerie is a big turn on for men as not only does it show off a woman’s curves, it also shows that she has confidence in letting you see her like that.

    Naughty chat is often a major thing that men are into so you will often find them using sites such as iamnaughty to get some naughty chat in with the women of their choosing. Whether they are discussing things they saw in an x-rated movie, using their imagination or just talking about past experiences, naughty chat is a surefire way to get men there sexually. Men love to be dirty talked to but there is a fine line between a little bit of naughty chat and taking it a little too far and ruining the moment so tread carefully. Whilst men love the buildup through some naughty chat, don’t forget to also talk dirty during the act and moan encouragingly to let him know that he’s doing things the right way. You don’t want him to think that you are bored and not enjoying it.

    Being spontaneous and daring is another way to get your men aroused – changing things up every so often gives a fresh take on everything and stops things from becoming stale and boring and stops you from falling into a sexual rut. Trying it somewhere different or in a different position may just bring the va va voom back to your love life and your man will certainly appreciate you for it.

    Whilst plenty of men will have their own little kinks that they are into, it is clear to see that there are a wide variety of things that most men like when it comes to sex so why not give them a try today?

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