What Makes Egyptian Cotton Beddings Loveable?

    Egyptian cotton beddings are not like cotton beddings. Because Egyptian cotton is not the same as that of the cotton fabric, both are obtained from two different plants. Cotton is obtained from the traditional cotton plant that can be grown anywhere in the world. That is why cotton beddings are less expensive than Egyptian cotton beddings, whereas Egyptian cotton beddings are made from a particular plant that has long staples and cannot be grown everywhere. These plants are grown in Egypt and are processed under the strict and close watch. These beddings are the purer and higher in quality when compared with the ordinary cotton beddings. This makes the Egyptian cotton beddings expensive.

    But what is there in Egyptian cotton bedding that makes them so lovable regardless of the high prices. It is because Egyptian cotton beddings offer exceptional features that no other fabric material does. Here we are kiting up a few of them.

    Hard-wearing and no pilling

    Egyptian cotton beddings are hard wearing and do not show pilling. Pillings usually lead to piles, that not only ruin the appearance of the bedding sets but make them uncomfortable as well. High thread counted bedding sets does not show pilling at all and are hard-wearing. They show any wear and tear even if you use them for years. Egyptian cotton beddings are made from the long-staple of the plant that removes the chance of pilling.

    High thread count 

    Egyptian cotton beddings have a high thread count. It dramatically improves its quality and adds more to its softness and comfort level. Thread count is the number of threads woven in a square inch. These threads can be counted both lengthwise and widthwise & then add both of them to find the thread count of the fabric. Actually, you do not have to count each of the thread separately, thread count is usually written on the packing of the bedding sets. 

    Remember, high thread count refers to the high quality of the bedding sets.


    Egyptian cotton beddings are super breathable. This makes them super beneficial for struggle and sweaty sleepers. There is enough space between the fibers of the bedding sheets, which allows the easy air passage and helps you maintain the temperature of your body. They also absorb the body fluids and keep your body dry that offers you a comfortable sleep.

    Better night sleep

    Egyptian cotton beddings are far better than the ordinary beddings because they are exceptionally soft and comfortable. They tend to absorb the body moisture and keep you dry at night. After absorbing the body moisture, they do not become wet or stick to your body, making you uncomfortable. Instead, they help you feel comfortable, relax, and dry, which offers a great night’s sleep.

    Save money

    Although Egyptian cotton beddings are a bit expensive when compared with other kinds of beddings. But their durability, longevity, comfort, & softness is worth investing money. Egyptian cotton beddings last longer than the other bedding sets, which means you do not have to replace them quite often. If you think wisely, Egyptian cotton beddings help you save money in the long run.

    Super soft and comfortable

    These bedding sets are super soft and smooth, which makes them comfortable. It is because they are made from the long staples that do not have any bindings in between them. Moreover, these bedding sets are made under carefully controlled techniques. They do not show pilling at all, which adds more to the comfort. They give a soft and snuggle feel when touched.

    Easy to care for

    Egyptian cotton beddings are easy to care for. They do not need special or extra care in order to retain their texture. You can wash them regularly once a weak in the washing machine by using a gentle cycle and mild detergent. And dry them in the air or in the drying machine. As for the wrinkles, they do not show much of them, but there happen to be any, you can iron the wrinkles while the king-size bedding sets are wet to remove them. In addition to that, you can store them with the other clothing items in a cool and dry place. 

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