“We’re About to Fix a Multi-Billion Dollar Problem”: Australia’s Youngest Self-Made Millionaires Set to Break Kylie Jenner’s Record

    How many companies shut down by the second year? How many entrepreneurs give up in a matter of months? Fotios Tsiouklas and Alan Gokoglu are two young men who have been featured on national TV, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many other top-ranking platforms. The two have many awards under their wings because of their multi-million dollar successes in the tech and marketing niche. What’s fascinating is that the two entrepreneurs were already multi-millionaires by 19 years old. 

    Alan and Fotios have a series of successes under their belts. The two own the most popular nightclubs in Melbourne, Mango Friday, and Levels Melbourne. Presently, the two entrepreneurs are working on a project that will fix a multi-billion dollar problem. Their agility in the marketing space will help them break the Kylie Jenner record. 

    How Fotios & Alan Built Their Empire 

    Fotios and Alan met while in High school. At the time, Fotios was already working on a series of projects. In his primary school years, Fotios had developed a passion for starting businesses. He had already written several business plans for education apps, websites, and even charities. One of his first ventures was a website called fotoz.com.au. Fotoz was a social media network for photographers. At the time, those around him told him that the project would not work. Later that year, a very similar website/app was released – Instagram. The growth of Instagram inspired Fotios to believe in himself and to pursue other ideas. 

    Meanwhile, Alan reverse-engineered social media algorithms when he was 15 to create his first business and made around 50k profit. At age 10, he made plugins for games when he started learning how to program. He also made his first app store games at around 12 years old then started building utility applications. 

    Fotios and Alan built apps for several celebrities. They made one for Blac Chyna (ex-wife of Rob Kardashian). They got this collaboration through Body Blendz, one of Australia’s largest skin care brands. When working with Blac Chyna, they suggested creating an app alongside Body Blends, the celebrity, and a chemist warehouse. In the end, they helped their clients push their product collection. 

    The App Development Project 

    Alan and Fotios work on some projects that are connected and work cohesively. The two are currently working on their next big project, known as Apps4Brands. This project is a dream of theirs as the two want to remove the barriers people face when creating mobile apps. App development agencies charge $30,000 for User Interface Functionality. Most of Alan’s and Fotios’ friends have paid $100-500K. Moreover, some apps cost as much as $2 million. By working on this project, Alan and Fotios will manage to fix a multi-billion dollar problem. 

    How much does it cost to make an app by yourself? Well, in a nutshell, the cost of building an app depends on the type of app. Moreover, the complexity of the features influences the price. Fotios and Alan are out to help clients overcome the significant challenges in app development. The Apps4Brands project has been in development for around half-a-year. The software allows anyone to build a mobile app in under an hour for just $99 per month. Moreover, the project has a free 7-day trial. 

    Breaking Jenner’s Record

    Kylie Jenner is one of the leading Instagram earners. The celebrity has over 180.3 million followers and gets $1.2 million per post. However, Alan and Fotios are likely to break that record with their groundbreaking tech businesses. Alan and Fotios are influencers in their own right. The two have managed to do the unthinkable, by developing into multi-millionaires by age 19. Their efforts towards app development are likely to see them break the Jenner record in terms of net worth. 

    Alan and Fotios are also currently doing development for three units on a block of land that they purchased. The two have also bought a percentage of a $25M building in the Melbourne CBD. There is no doubt that the two have an eye for business. For instance, they purchased the domain name “TikToks.com” around six months ago with a prediction that TikTok would become the next biggest social media platform in the world. Alan and Fotios purchased the name for $2,000 from GoDaddy. Today, the domain TikToks has been valued at $145,000USD since the explosion of TikTok. With such achievements and more upcoming projects, there is no doubt that we will soon be hearing more about these two entrepreneurs.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

      CEO of Disrupt Magazine

      Tony Delgado ( @disruptceo ) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Disrupt Magazine.