What is the Difference Between a Turbo Oven and a Convection Oven?

    The main difference between turbo ovens VS convection ovens is their circulation of heat. Having a fan, a convection oven can circulate the heat evenly. On the other hand, a turbo oven does the same but in a different way. Due to continuous air circulation, heat is much more consistent in the case of a convection oven.

    If you want to learn more about cookware and ovens, you should visit www.piecorps.com because they have covered everything in detail. However, you are going to learn the difference between a turbo oven and a convection one here so that you don’t have any confusion about them.

    What is a convection oven?

    If you want to cook your foods evenly and faster, there should be no choice than using a convection oven. A convection oven uses a central fan that helps heat circulate the cavity so that you get better-cooked food without having any uneven spots on it.

    Reducing the moisture produced in the oven, the convection oven makes your foods crispy and develops your desired texture. With the help of the convection oven’s settings, you can control the fan; exhaust system, and third heating element. Not only that, you are in full control when it comes to cooking in the convection oven.

    What is a turbo oven?

    Though a turbo oven does the same thing as a convection oven does, there is a little difference in the process of circulating heat. A conventional or turbo oven has heating elements that help cook food by heating the air inside the oven. Another heating element in the turbo oven mostly works for broiling food. 

    You might not expect evenly cooked food because the heating element that is closer to your food cooks faster than the other. Therefore, it might not be possible to achieve evenly cooked food. But your food will be cooked for you well in both ovens.

    Now, it should be time for us to discuss the difference between the turbo oven and a convection oven because we have already learned them in detail. The differences might not be too big, but it is worth discussing here as we are here to learn the topic.

    Differences between the turbo and convection oven

    Though there are similarities between the two ovens, they have differences in many ways, too. A true convection oven should have three heating elements and a fan for circulating hot air around the cavity so that your foods can cook evenly and deliciously. 

    On the other hand, a conventional or a turbo oven should cook your foods too, but in a slightly different way. There are also heating elements but two of them are present. These heating elements circulate hot air to cook foods but not as evenly as a convection oven can do.


    When it comes to considering the heat in both ovens, including convection and turbo, heat is distributed differently. For proper heat circulation inside the oven, there remains an air circulating fan. An air — circulating fan can distribute heat to the foods you are going to cook evenly and in a proportionate way. That makes the food cook faster and better and is delicious.

    Conversely, a turbo oven has heating elements but no fans to circulate hot air over the foods you want to cook. Therefore, chances are your cooked foods might have uneven areas. Also, some parts of your food will have a crust on them while other parts might be softer than that.


    The quality of cooked foods differs in two ovens, including turbo and convection. In your turbo oven, the quality of your food should not be as delicious and evenly cooked as your convection oven can do it. Not only that, in a convection oven, there is little chance of having burnt foods because the temperature in the convection oven is consistent.

    On the other hand, you might experience burnt foods on the top when it comes to cooking in a turbo oven. It is because the temperature in that oven should not be consistent. In other words, the heating elements of the turbo oven cannot provide you with evenly cooked foods.


    If you are busy and don’t have enough time for cooking, a convection oven should come into the place. It helps you cook faster than a turbo oven. Also, it offers you delicious and evenly cooked food while you are getting ready for your office.

    The controlling of the temperature of a convection oven allows you to do that. On the contrary, it is almost hard to cook your favorite foods as fast as a convection oven. So, it would be fun to cook in a convection oven if you are really busy. Still, you can cook your delicious food in your turbo oven because of your preference.

    When Should I Use a Convection oven?

    If you need to control your cooking temperature as you need, you should consider a convection oven. You can use your convection oven to cook something like casseroles, pies, vegetables, meats, and cookies. A convection oven can provide you with the crispest outer part. That would be really fun!

    A convection oven can cook delicious turkey and chicken with a juicy, crispy layer. Another important consideration for using a convection oven is when you want to cook something evenly cooked. Other than that, faster cooking is also possible in a convection oven, not in a turbo oven.

    Final thought

    The differences between turbo and convection ovens are not very complex. Both of them do the same thing- cooking, but in a slightly different way. A convection oven can circulate the hot air evenly and consistently, while a turbo oven cannot do the same. Both ovens have their heating elements but not a circulating fan. In a convection oven, you will find a hot air circulating fan that helps you cook faster.

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