WHAT!? Apple Gets Patent To Stop Concert Recording


    Apple Says: No More Video.

    It doesn’t come as much of a shock that artists have had it with fans videoing their concerts for YouTube and sharing. But why? Is the issue of Snapchat and texting causing that much of a wave in their careers? People are still filling the seats and concert after concert continues to be sold out. Sure, anyone could watch Biebs on a Snapstory but seeing him in person is a totally different ball game. Fans still want the live experience.

    Are we that consumed with sharing?

    Time and time again artists have asked their audiences to put their phones away for the night and just enjoy the show. It’s possible they have a point; maybe our generation is so obsessed with technology that we don’t appreciate anything anymore- especially music.

    The annoyance of videoing has gotten artists so mad that they’ve begun stopping the concerts in order to reprimand the crowd. Recently, our beloved Adele stopped mid set just to tell someone in the audience to stop recoding her show. This is clearly a bigger issues than any of us thought.

    Leave it to Apple to come riding in to the rescue.

    When Taylor Swift refused to have her music on iTunes, they resolved the problem within a day. Let’s face it- the amount of money Apple makes off of artists is astronomical, so why wouldn’t they back up their profit makers?

    Bring in the Patent.

    How would you feel if you were no longer allowed to Snap your friends Beyonce slaying the stage? Well, that possibility could become a reality. Apple’s patented technology to block videos and photo on stage is about to come to life.

    Remember signal blockers that would prevent your cell phone from getting any service? It’s similar to that expect your actual service won’t be effected, just your ability to take video.screen-shot-2016-06-29-at-3-39-41-pm

    (Image: consequenceofsound.net)

    Censors will be placed on the stage pointed towards the audience. This will omit a signal that will shut down your phone’s capability to video or photograph the concert. Whether or not your selfies will be effected hasn’t been clarified. All we know is this could be really good or get real ugly real fast.

    Who is this really protecting?

    We are no strangers to shooting at concerts. Doesn’t matter when, where or how good the security is, people always find a way to settle their problems. With events like the TI concert shooting, people recording on their phones became evidence to law enforcement. Would Troy Ave have been charged with attempted murder if there wasn’t so much proof? Some may say yes, but we won’t ever really know. As much as technology has done bad, it also has helped quite a few criminals get caught.

    Will the artists get their way or will the public continue the Snapchat obsession for many years to come? Only time will tell.

    Cell Phone Video of Troy Ave Shooting.

    (source: TMZ)


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