Wedding Rituals From Around The World [Infographic]

    From sneaking out of the wedding reception, to spitting on the bride, there are many different rituals used across the globe to bring good luck to a couple on their special day.

    In light of this, we’ve researched 21 of the most interesting cultural wedding traditions from around the world, bringing good fortune to newlyweds.

    The piece is accompanied by a survey of respondent’s own beliefs on weddings – which found results like:

    • Over 70% of men believe it’s bad luck to see their bride in her wedding dress before the big day.
    • 10% of those who cohabit would stray from tradition and have the bride make a speech on the day as well as the groom, best man, and bride’s father.
    • Over 25% believe in some form of lucky wedding ritual.
    • Nearly 12% of women say that they would be prepared to propose to their (hopefully) future husbands, breaking with the one-sided tradition.

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