[VIDEO] Inside The Most Expensive Home In America

    Biggest homes in America: New Theory Magazine

    Le Palais Royale Mansion is the most Expensive Home in America for $159 Million

    Le Palais Royale, currently on the market for $159 million, is currently the most expensive home in America, and it’s located in Hillsboro Beach, Florida.

    From the outside, it might just seem like the typical gated estate, but once you reach the front doors, you’ll realize that there’s a lot more to this home than its grandiose size. The house is filled with gold plated accents, has a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, and not to mention a multi-tiered pool—what’s not to love?


    The home itself takes up 60,500 square feet, but according to reports, construction has yet to be completed. There’s still enough room for a skating rink, a bowling alley, guest houses, and a go-kart track.

    Before you can even step inside the house, you’ll be greeted with gold front doors that are valued at $500,000 themselves, and once you step inside, the $2 million spiraling marble staircase will put all your wedding photo shoot dreams to shame.slide_366918_4189378_compressed

    But it just keeps getting better. There’s an IMAX theater, a wine cellar that can hold 3,000 bottles, and four master bedrooms that each have their own private jacuzzis.

    Living in this home will probably feel more like living at an extremely fancy resort, especially when you step outside to the pool area. My favorite part is probably the swim up bar, but you can decide for yourself between the LED lit water slide, waterfalls, and the fire pit right in the middle. It’s the perfect setting for a summer party.


    While these are only a few of the features in this home, CNBC gave us all something to be jealous of, taking us inside the Le Palais Royal on their show, The Secret Lives of The Super Rich. Just check out the insane video:

    Even crazier, the owner of Le Palais Royale name is not being disclosed, because he ABANDONED it. Say what?!? Well, actually, he didn’t just up and leave — he left to travel the world, instead. But still, we imagine that’ll be hard to find something as #goals as this anywhere else.

    (Images: Huffington Post)


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