Unhealthy Habits

    - Valid

    Unhealthy Habits

    I am my own worst enemy.

    Christ the savior

    Though far from the first entity.

    Woeful in my worst behavior

    Cannabis the cursed remedy.

    I am not who I pretend to be.

    Nights spent soul searching.

    My heart and soul is hurting.

    Years passed with regretful reminiscence

    Vincent uses verses to defend his best.

    Each year I grow older.

    Each tear my heart will grow colder.

    Anger at a random

    Creates a stranger and a phantom.

    Friends’ faces shifted something major.

    Thinking I can’t stand him.

    Mom died; Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

    I shelved the sorrow and stood up.

    Still have those nights

    Her eyes & those lights

    Dimmed and I knew.

    Back in high school

    VMoney made me wonder how am I cool,

    Everyone came with curses making life cruel.

    Their comments are why these bare sonnets

    Seem to show an honest lack of solace.

    Few name it poetry; not sure what to call this.

    It is when the ball hits

    2019; Sad boy craves happiness to be all his.

    My heart and mind are so calloused.

    I’m a constant lit fuse.

    I refuse to let me choose

    Allowing myself to lose

    My father

    I don’t want this to be any harder.

    Before my anger forces me much farther.

    I need to stop hating myself

    And the cerebral palsy degrading my health.

    Stop spending and start saving my wealth.

    It is with tireless effort

    Shamed my soul& faith feels severed

    I still try behaving myself.


    New Theory Poetry Series


    • Twenty two years old with too much experience when it comes to hardship. I've used both music and poetry to shine light to the darkness that I've endured. For nine years I've written and recorded rap lyrics. Now working with New Theory to provide you with reality rhymes within BalladsbyValid's poetry.

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