Unhealthy Habits

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    Unhealthy Habits

    I am my own worst enemy.

    Christ the savior

    Though far from the first entity.

    Woeful in my worst behavior

    Cannabis the cursed remedy.

    I am not who I pretend to be.

    Nights spent soul searching.

    My heart and soul is hurting.

    Years passed with regretful reminiscence

    Vincent uses verses to defend his best.

    Each year I grow older.

    Each tear my heart will grow colder.

    Anger at a random

    Creates a stranger and a phantom.

    Friends’ faces shifted something major.

    Thinking I can’t stand him.

    Mom died; Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

    I shelved the sorrow and stood up.

    Still have those nights

    Her eyes & those lights

    Dimmed and I knew.

    Back in high school

    VMoney made me wonder how am I cool,

    Everyone came with curses making life cruel.

    Their comments are why these bare sonnets

    Seem to show an honest lack of solace.

    Few name it poetry; not sure what to call this.

    It is when the ball hits

    2019; Sad boy craves happiness to be all his.

    My heart and mind are so calloused.

    I’m a constant lit fuse.

    I refuse to let me choose

    Allowing myself to lose

    My father

    I don’t want this to be any harder.

    Before my anger forces me much farther.

    I need to stop hating myself

    And the cerebral palsy degrading my health.

    Stop spending and start saving my wealth.

    It is with tireless effort

    Shamed my soul& faith feels severed

    I still try behaving myself.


    New Theory Poetry Series


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