Exercises that will help you snore less

    You know what people say about love – you can feel it, but the others will see that you are in love. The thing with snoring is similar. You can’t hear it, but the others sure can. It doesn’t matter if you sleep alone, or with a partner, your whole family can wake up to the snoring sounds. However, if you have a partner, there are some chances that you will be forced to change the room. As we mentioned, you will probably be deaf to the snoring sounds, but sure it can wake you up from your sleep sometimes.

    This is your lucky day! We investigated a bit and came up with some awesome exercises that will help you snore less. If you aren’t a heavy snorer, these will probably get you rid of snoring completely. On the other side, even if the snoring intensity is high, at least it will lessen. Your organism, your partner and family will be grateful if you make this effort.

    Men are more likely to snore, but ladies, these exercises will help you too. Every man on this planet snores sometimes, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just remember all the times you were so tired that you skipped the dinner and the shower and just jumped in your bed. When a person is in this condition, snoring is 100% possible. We dedicate this article to all snorers across the globe.

    Exercising can be boring, for sure. Maybe you don’t have aspirations to look like Hercules or Zeus. However, if you are trying to get rid of snoring, you would have to include light exercises. We promise that it will be fun!

    Tongue poking

    As snoring has a lot to do with the tongue, it is somehow logical that you should try to tone up your tongue. We recommend repeating this exercise for at least five times a day to get the best results.

    What you should do is to poke your tongue as far as you can. Then take a deep breath and try to produce a pitched sound. In the beginning, the sound would last for a few seconds only if you don’t have a toned tongue. Improve the length of the sound to about thirty seconds for each exercise.

    Stretch it out

    Even if you don’t exercise, you know how important stretching is. That is why you should your mouth and palate. You probably heard that the tennis players often produce some weird sounds. They say that long “ahhh” every time they hit a ball. You should do the same, just without a ball. Open your mouth as you are about to yawn hard and make the sound. This exercise will tighten your palate and tongue muscles.


    Besides the hair, you can make a tongue curls also. Curl it around your mouth hole, going from the soft palate to the upper teeth. Yes, it will tickle a bit, but it will only make the exercise more interesting and fun.

    You must admit that these exercises are pretty simple. One more thing that you can do about the snoring is to lick an ice cream. Those up and down tongue movements will improve its circulation.

    If you are not comfortable with the exercising at all, this is not the end of the world. However, for the best results we recommend applying these exercising methods and using a snoring mouthpiece. There are many types of the mouthpieces on the market, and all of them do one thing – reduce or cut out snoring. Don’t be lazy. The sooner you start, the sooner you will say goodbye to snoring.


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