Underground Hip-Hop Emerges in Mainstream

    When you think of hip-hop, an entire lifestyle and culture is painted in a vision represented by bass-dropping beats, stylized rhythms, and hard-hitting rap lyrics. However, even with an ever-growing fan base and following, the new generation doesn’t seem very connected to the history behind each and every sub-genre, which of course has led to the present day renaissance currently happening within the music industry. The game is shifting once again as creative minds use their words to go up against the riches and the front men of the music labels fighting for credibility vs. fame in the market. Where is hip-hop really going to go next? Are we headed for a revolving door of one-hit wonders with recycled material and formulas that never fail to make the execs money?

    The evolution of hip-hop can only be defined by the collaborations of mixing various demographically infused flairs and eras, which ultimately cultivated the masses by steering a distinct direction that pioneered a new and unique sound. Music so very often is reflective of time as one category has always been the source of inspiration to another sector of the scene. Whether you crave Motown favorites, soothing R&B, scratching DJs, beatbox battles, gangster rap with a message, or even club-jumping party anthems boasting about beautiful, fast women or high living, the popularity behind hip-hop as a whole is because of the all-encompassing, never-lacking authentic passion.

    While passion has been identified as the common thread between each variable artist who has been pulled from the depths of obscurity and skyrocketed to fame, there doesn’t seem to be an easy motif to establish hip-hop royalty lasting more than a song or two. Many accredited hip-hop critics are arguing that right now is one of the greatest times ever for emerging hip-hop artists to takeover. Strike while the iron is hot. It is important to solidify the right strategy to continually influence and grow with the audience. The youth of America is longing for a fresh message that denotes who they are and how they feel—fans are over the hype of rags-to-riches and makin’ it rain on hos while on a yacht in St. Barts.

    And why you ask? Because it isn’t real. #realtalk

    Right now underground artists have a chance to change history once again with their music. Partners-n-rhyme YBM are the perfect example of talented lyricists, and a dynamic duo, on a focused and business-minded mission to create, motivate, and drive forward with a heavy pursuit towards young millennials. The personal struggles of front men Efficial and Reecialago, though very different from one another, have proven they are a force to be reckoned with. They discovered their mutual ground through maintaining similar attitudes, originality, and dreams. The “I DO” remix was their latest track release to peak at the No. 1 spot for several weeks on Amazon in both Southern Hip-Hop and the Pop Rap categories in record-breaking time. The popularity of this song release is promised to be the first milestone of much more to come for these game-changing artists.

    YBM’s up-and-coming sound is creating a long-lasting impression in the music industry. Their mission is relevant as they strive to positively affect the mindset of young individuals to become educated, business-oriented people who can fulfill their goals. Business is what sets apart the musicians from the moguls. Their ambition far exceeded expectation as hip-hop with this particular message has turned up more buzz than ever. Efficial states, “I live by musical expression and believe I have the desire, drive, and motivation for success.”

    “Business is business and that is the only sense we gotta make!” – YBM

    YBM’s music uses all the right words to communicate and arouse a potential movement in hip-hop rather than just a hit for the clubs or drive-around track. The story may not be new, and no, no one is reinventing the idea of rhyming with reason, however messages often get lost in translation or behind sick dance and battlin’ beats.

    In the case of YBM, they symbolize and encourage more from the young, business-driven individuals by promoting a community, not just a trend in music. As they leave their imprint, YBM is one of many on the rise stars to keep your eyes on and head boppin’.


    Newest Track WTF (EXPLICIT) OUT NOW


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    • Lee Banks

      ???! The next best thing! #YBM

    • Cristina Rosario

      I am loving their music! They are the real deal! Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next! #YBM

    • Cristina Rosario

      I am loving their music! They are the real deal! Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next! #YBM

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